Inground Vs. Above Ground Pool Removal

Above Ground Pool Removal

A swimming pool can be such a great addition to your backyard fun, but it can also become something that constantly feels like a time and money sucker. This feeling can grow when you’re not using it as much as you used to. 

No matter what kind of pool you own, an inground or an above-ground pool, removing a pool on your own can be a daunting task. Even if you watch all the YouTube videos you can get your hands on, you might not be prepared for all that is required to get the job done right. So, before you dive into your full pool removal, let’s step back and look at the process, cost, and time it will take, as well as whether or not you should hire a pool removal contractor. New Jersey residents should read on to see what might work best for them.

Main Differences Between Removing an Inground Pool and an Above Ground Pool 


If you’re a pool owner, you’ve probably wondered at some point how much removal would cost. The answer to your pool removal cost question is that it depends. Some things that can influence cost are:

  • Type of pool you are removing (inground swimming pool or above ground swimming pool)
  • Local permits and codes required for removing a pool
  • Size of your pool 
  • Depth of your pool 
  • Shape of your pool
  • Ease of access to the pool
  • Material your pool is made of
  • Material you want the removed pool area to be filled with (gravel, fill dirt, topsoil)

While the overall cost for a full pool removal can feel overwhelming, when you start to break down the amount of money you will save each month on maintenance and repairs, not to mention the time you will save which also holds value, you realize how fast you will recoup the cost.

If you plan on selling your home now or in the future, removing a pool can also help your home look more attractive to all potential buyers. Cha-ching!

Removal Process

Once you’ve decided it’s time to remove your pool, contact a pool removal services contractor to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

While swimming pool removal methods can vary from different pool removal contractors and demolition contractors, there is a typical way of completing the project. 

When conducting an inground pool removal, the standard process begins with proper drainage of the pool. Then there’s the swimming pool demolition, where the top deck is destroyed, and then the pool itself. 

The pool decking and other materials are broken up into smaller pieces that can be moved with heavy equipment and then recycled or hauled to the landfill for disposal. This is an important part of the pool removal process. 

In New Jersey, pool removal contractors will know how to properly discard the materials, keeping the ground and filled area safe for you and your family. Once the material is hauled off, the hole is backfilled with gravel or other soil and then compacted to minimize sinking. Then the area is prepped for whatever you have planned.

When it comes to above-ground pool removal, there is far less demolition and material to haul away. Instead, your above-ground pool is drained and then quickly torn down and taken away, leaving you a nice big space to do whatever you can dream of. 

A half inground pool resembles much of an above-ground pool look. They usually have thicker walls than an above-ground pool, though, and are made of material that doesn’t allow for relocation. Because of these stronger walls and materials, removal of the pool requires more than just drainage and hauling away what’s left. Some of the same heavy equipment and demolition will be required to break things apart so that they can then be removed from the property.

Length of Project

The time it takes to remove an inground pool versus an above-ground pool removal will be very different. The length of the project will also depend largely on your contractor and pool size. As discussed earlier, a permit will most likely be required for your pool removal, which can also add some time to your project.

While most jobs take 3-5 days, some varying situations can add to the time. Therefore, we recommend you contact Mikula Contracting to come to your home and give you a proper time and cost quote. Then you’ll be able to properly plan for your pool removal project.

Equipment Used

All kinds of different equipment are used in the swimming pool removal process. Demolition starts with an excavator that has a jackhammer-type attachment to break up the concrete and other pool materials. A skid steer will then be used to help move the materials to the trucks that will haul them away. A skid steer will also be used later to help spread the fill material and smooth everything out. 

Of course, there are the trucks that will haul away the substantial pieces of cement and other broken-up material. These large trucks will bring in your fill material, too. Your soil will then need to be compacted, so a padded drum roller will often come into play to vibrate and help settle the ground.

There are other miscellaneous tools that will be used throughout the process, like grinders to cut the rebar, a pressure washer to help clean up the property at the end, and more.

It’s important to use the proper equipment for the job. Your New Jersey pool removal contractor will have these kinds of machines and equipment to get your job done right. Their knowledge and experience will keep both you and your contractors safe on the job. It will also speed up the process immensely!

Need Your Pool Removed? Our New Jersey Pool Removal Contractors Can Help

Before attempting to navigate a pool removal process on your own, call Mikula Contracting to find out how we can help simplify the whole project for you. Our pool removal services will make you wonder why you thought about hiring anyone else or even trying to do it all by yourself. In addition, Mikula builds a relationship with every customer they work with, ensuring you always have a trusted contractor on speed dial. 

A pool removal can be a challenge, but Mikula Contracting works hard to make it as straightforward and quick as possible. Minimizing any safety concerns for you and your family, we take care of all the permits required, dispose of all materials, and manage all equipment. Then you don’t have to think about anything besides how you’ll use your newly found backyard space. Contact us to learn more about the pool removal services we provide.

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