Inspiration and Ideas for Compact Kitchens

Compact Kitchens

Everyone dreams of having a big kitchen and dining space in home but for many this is not the case. If you are one of those people who is blessed with a kitchen which is on the slightly smaller side and you are thinking about remodelling or upgrading your kitchen then there are a number of tips that can help you create a space which feels larger and looks great.

From thinking about which appliances to have to colour schemes and cabinets and cupboards, it’s important to consider each element in every step of the design process. Coming up with innovative ways of optimising the space in front of you is a skill and it’s best to call upon experts to help you optimise the room in the very best way.

Work with What You’ve Got

Take a moment to step back and really take in your surroundings. Try to envisage what you would like the kitchen to look like when it’s finished, using every nook and cranny. It may be a choice between a bigger fridge and no dishwasher or perhaps less cupboard space to make room for a small dining area.

If you’re going completely fresh then get in touch with a kitchen company and they will help you get the ball rolling with a free quote and give you some great ideas to work with. If you are just looking for a refresh then take some measurements and start shopping around. Use social media such as pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Think about what you already own – will these items work in your new or revamped kitchen?

The number one consideration when designing or revamping a smaller kitchen is storage. Consider which appliances you plan to have out on the counter and what you will store away. You would be amazed at the number of innovative ways of utilising kitchen space for storage and also all kitchen suppliers will have a range for you to choose from and make bespoke to your kitchen.

Storage is Key

Nobody likes clutter but in a small kitchen you really want to avoid it as much as possible. The obvious solution to this is smart storage solutions. That means not just chucking everything in a drawer but actually having a place for each thing or being ruthless and throwing out/giving to charity those items you don’t need or use.

Opting for a mix of open and closed kitchen storage is a popular choice when it comes to small kitchens. Open shelving and glass cabinets double up as decoration and storage if you fill them with your best kitchenware and crockery.

A pull out waste and recycling bin is a great idea to save space and neatly tuck your rubbish. You can also create storage towers of different heights or configurations so you are able to have cabinets filled with internal drawers, offering a huge amount of storage that you can tailor to meet your needs.

Collapsible Furniture for Dining

If you don’t have a dining room and would prefer to sit at a table rather than in the lounge then collapsible furniture is a great choice and even gives you the option to have extra people sat around your table. The most common folding furniture is a dining table or chairs and there is a huge choice out there when it comes to different styles and types.

Using all the Available Space

A small kitchen can work just as well as a large one, you just have to think smart. Ensure the units are as tall as physically possible to elongate the space. Try to make use of hanging space and use these areas for mugs, utensils and more!

Cupboards and drawers are where you will be able to save the most space. There are many options available on the market that pull out into multi level storage space creating an almost tardis effect.

It’s all About The Lighting

Lighting in a room can make all the difference. When in a smaller space, it can mean the room feels dingier and darker because of the lack of natural light. For this reason, it is important to plan how you will maximise the lighting in the space.

Perhaps you could add a skylight or install some larger windows in order to get as much natural light in the room as possible.

For when the evening comes round and it gets darker, choosing a standout lighting fixture such as pendant lighting, spotlights or lamps can distract away from the room’s size and create a homely space.

When choosing your lamps, light fitting and shades, opt for a contrasting colour compared to the rest of the kitchen. This is to make a stand out statement and add a certain edge to the room.

Become a Minimalist

As previously mentioned, clutter in a small kitchen is a big no. You want to ensure your kitchen is not just kept clean and tidy but also has the least amount of items out on show to avoid it feeling cramped. Again, storage is your friend here so utilise it. Hooks for hanging, magnetic strips and a whole range of drawers, cabinets and cupboards are available.

Thinking about the Design

You should always plan the layout of your kitchen around the three main things – the fridge, the oven and hob and then sink. Consider what the best use of the floorspace is and of course look to use vertical solutions to maximise space wherever possible. Working with an experienced kitchen company will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to the designing part – just let them know your vision and they will do their best to make it a reality.

How to Choose a Kitchen Company

When making a decision on which kitchen company to choose, have a look at their portfolio and see if they met your expectations. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a few businesses in your local area and get a quote from them, that way you can weigh up your options and make an informed choice. It’s also important that you check the reviews to ensure their customer levels are up to scratch. If you are looking for kitchens in Peterborough then Kellyvision Kitchens can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Get in touch with their team of experts who will be able to advise you on everything from kitchen planning, kitchen design and kitchen installation in Peterborough and beyond!

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