How to Install a Fibreglass Shower Drain

Install a Fibreglass Shower Drain

Many homeowners are now choosing to install fibreglass showers in their homes.

This is due to their durability as they can withstand bumps and knocks.

They are also very easy to clean.

These lightweight showers are very cost efficient because they last a long time.

Their attractive appearance also makes them a popular choice.

Because of their popularity, manufacturers are now producing fibreglass showers that are easy to install.

If you have purchased a new fibreglass shower drain, or you have a current fibreglass shower drain that has become worn or damaged and needs to be replaced, it is quite easy to install the shower drain without professional help.

Below are a number of tips to installing a fibreglass shower drain:

1. When installing a fibreglass shower drain, the first thing you have to do is acquire the proper materials and tools.

This includes: shower drain, PVC prep drill, screwdriver, PVC pipe, steel wool or sand paper, plumbers caulk, and mortar for the plumbing.

Make sure to measure before buying the PVC hardware so that you will have the correct size.

2. If it is a replacement drain, you first have to remove the old drain.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the old drain. Pull up on the drain cap and then pull up on the drain to expose the PVC piping.

Once everything is exposed, remove the old drain and parts.

3. For a new fibreglass shower, drill a hole in the shower so that the plumbing and the hole are in alignment.

Using sandpaper or steel wool, smooth the rough edges to prevent leakage.

4. Apply a bit of PVC prep to all of the copper pipes or PVC pipes.

The prep should be applied any place where one part will connected to another.

Let the PVC dry for about 30 seconds to strengthen the bond when the parts are secured.

5. Install the new PVC piping to the home’s plumbing.

6. Install the drain base.

Make sure that you have lined the drain base over the pipe.

Secure the base in place using a screwdriver.

7. Attach the shower drain. The drain will come with either screws or tabs.

Add PVC cement to the plumbing and drain.

Add plumbers caulking to the drain cap and shower base.

Install screws on the drain cap or if the drain only has retention tabs, then press the tabs.

After the caulk and cement have dried, check to make sure everything is watertight.

Once you are sure everything is water resistant and everything has dried, run the hot and cold water to make sure everything is working properly.

At this point, if there are no problems, you will have completed the installation of your fibreglass shower drain.

Fibreglass showers are very popular because they are so long lasting and very durable.

They do not collect mould, mildew, or grout, and they are very strong.

As well, the fibreglass shower and the drain are both very easy to install.

With the right instructions and materials a homeowner will not have a difficult time installing a fibreglass shower drain.

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