Interior Design Staples That Will Elevate Any Home

Interior Design Staples

Do you ever read those interior design magazines or websites and think that you need a fancy home or a huge budget to achieve style? There are ways to elevate your home that rely only upon your imagination and creativity. Here are just a few. 

Confident Colour Choices

Perhaps you love muted tones and monochrome designs. Perhaps you adore bursts of vibrant colors and patterns. Whatever your tastes, considered and careful use of color can make a home more visually appealing. Maybe an entirely white room with a single black wall or a kitchen with multi-colored cabinets will bring a level of intrigue and confidence to your interior design. It’s not about the specific trends you might see online or in interior design magazines; it’s about following through and trusting your own vision.

Layers and Texture

Adding depth to your rooms will help to make your interior design appear more sophisticated. This can be achieved by choosing objects of varying sizes that communicate with each other in the space, such as larger furniture pieces sharing shapes or colors with smaller decorations. Playing with the texture combinations of rugs, curtains, cushions, and other soft furnishings can make a room feel more inviting and warm.

Inviting Furniture

Speaking of creating an inviting atmosphere, your furniture plays a big part in how comfortable and attractive the rooms of your house come across. Poorly upholstered chairs or leaning tables make a room seem uneasy and unwelcoming. Choose furniture that draws you in and asks you to stay. For example, the benefits of owning a leather chair include the sleek yet comfortable effect it has on the space. Finding the right pieces can make a huge difference.


Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to elevate any space. If you are confident that you can maintain and care for multiple houseplants, research which ones are most likely to thrive in your home environment. Take into consideration factors such as humidity, air quality, and light availability. If you don’t want to risk coming home to a room full of dying plants, artificial greenery has the same positive effects.


Good lighting can add depth to a room and make it more relaxing. Instead of relying upon a single overhead light, choose smaller lamps instead and dot them around the space. Don’t let furniture block the natural light from your windows, as this can dramatically decrease the positive atmosphere of the room.

Function and Design

When an element of your home is so perfectly designed for its purpose that it becomes an object of beauty, you know it’s worth keeping. Sometimes a piece was created with its final use so completely in mind that the resulting product can’t help but be visually attractive. We are drawn to design that captivates us, and one way of doing this is by appealing to our sense of satisfaction. Having a mirror that also serves as a shelf, a light, and a cabinet can make such an entirely practical object possess qualities similar to those found in revered art. The quality design stands out and can definitely elevate a home.

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