6 Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

home interior design

Creating a beautiful, functional and inviting home is no simple task. While interior designers make it look easy, home decorators can struggle to balance color schemes, improve lighting, or position furniture.

If you find decorating rooms across the home a challenge, you might need to embrace various tricks to turn your dull property into a fabulous home. Here are six interior design tips that could transform your space. 

List of The Top 6 Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

1. Work on Your Floor Plan

If you struggle to move across the home, you might need to improve your floor plan. For instance, there should be approximately 45cm between your sofa, coffee table, armchairs, and credenza in a living room. It will provide more space to move around in the home while allowing you to grab your coffee cup with ease.

2. Follow the Rule of Three

Most professional interior designers will tell you that three is the magic number. By grouping items into three or other odd numbers, you can create visual interest in the home. For example, place three cushions on your sofa or organize three items of different sizes on your bedside table, shelving, or sideboard.

3. Warm a Room with Woods

Wood features can add warmth and character to any interior design. Lift your décor by looking for eye-catching timber elements that are both practical and stylish. For example, Arizona barn doors can be made from stunning repurposed wood to become an attractive, charming, and functional focal point. Discover barn doors near me to warm up a cold, clinical room or create visual interest in your interior design.

4. Master the 70/30 Split

The 70/30 split is a common interior design tactic that can add balance and character to a room while improving its proportion. To do so, you must decorate a room in approximately 70% of a specific style, and then decorate the leftover 30% in another interior style. For example, you could ground contemporary décor with countryside features, such as beautiful barn doors and a rustic dining table inside a modern kitchen. It will help you create an impressive interior design that will grab your guests’ attention.

5. Wallpaper Your Bathroom

Many homeowners often opt for tiles when redecorating their bathrooms. However, wallpaper can add a pop of vibrancy and texture to the space. Give an interior the wow factor by picking a wallpaper with a large, bold print, which can appear visually striking in small spaces. You can even buy water and splash-resistant paper to ensure it maintains its quality and style.

6. Paint a Swatch in a Room

Before choosing an interior color, you must paint a swatch in the room to identify if the shade complements various light conditions. If you don’t want to paint directly onto a wall, you should paint a swatch onto an A3 piece of paper, which you can move across the room at different points in the day. It could help you make the perfect choice for your interior.

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