Top 6 Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Most times the smallest things of life makes great impact, whether you have a small or big home, there are different interior design tricks that can perfectly transform your home into a befitting place to stay.

It could be the addition of a lamp, a painting, a mirror etc or it could be that you want add some warmth, brighten your room, soften your walls. Below are some amazing tricks that can effectively transform the look of your home.

Paint the smaller rooms with Lighter colours

The smaller rooms should be painted with lighter colours- this is one of the amazing ways to maximise your small living spaces. Usually, rooms with smaller sizes are cramped, but the ones with light coloured walls, ample mirrors and large windows often gives optical illusion of space- thereby making the room to look bigger than it is in reality.

When a room is darker, it will make the room to appear to be smaller, even if you place the mirror at strategic place with abundant natural light.

Place a designer mirror to add instant light to your living room

Having a large mirror in your room can make a small space to appear to be open and more airy. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough lightening, you can place a mirror at a strategic position from the window. This will create a sense of brightness in the room. Decorative mirrors can be used to fill up empty wall spaces in your living room.

Select the carpet in contrasting colours of the walls

You need to dress the floors with enough rugs or carpets; the rugs can be selected based on the size or shape of your living room. Choose a small rug, if the room is small or a larger rug if it is big. The carpet you select must be in contrasting colour with the walls. Also, the floor tiles must be complimenting with the colours of the walls.

Always slip in something a little more comfortable

The benefits of slip are multiple- oftentimes you can use them to change the look of your furniture- slip covers can make your living room to have a sophisticated look. Slip covers are ideal for rooms children usually frequent. White slip-covered couches give your living room, convenient, yet sophisticated, comfortable, casual elegance.

Wicker baskets

These are simply elegant and economical ways of adding storage to your living room; you can use baskets to display and store books, décor and architectural magazines, blankets, toys, towels, just to mention but a few. You can put few small wicker baskets on top of the counter in your kitchen. This counter is a place where you store edible items like fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

Complete your kitchen with a hanging pot holder

Usually, kitchens are meant to be nice-looking, inviting, enticing and warm. We spend so much time in the kitchen both during food preparation, serving meals etc. it is good to adorn your kitchen with a hanging pot rack. A hanging pot holder makes your kitchen to unique and amazing; they are available in various sizes and styles- so they are capable of storing many items.


While transforming or beautifying your home, you need to be thinking of one central thing- whether the house looks good. Your house will be a delight to guests when the interior decoration is neat and appealing. Below are a summary of what we said above:

  • The smaller rooms needs to be painted with lighter colours
  • Use more of decorative mirrors
  • Try to slip in something comfortable
  • Mix everything
  • Wicker baskets
  • Make sure you start with what you have
  • Your kitchen should have hanging pot holder
  • Go green
  • Your living room should be adorned with carpets or rugs
  • Paint the book cases or wallpapers etc

All these tips will effectively enable you to decorate your home.

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