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If you have good writing skills about interior design or want to contribute on some good topics like home interior decoration, outdoor decoration, living room decor ideas, kitchen decoration, kids rooms decor, bathroom decor, bedroom decor, first night room decoration ideas then you are on the right side.

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How to write for us (For this interior design blog)

Interior Design Write For Us
Interior Design Write For Us

When I visit an “unfamiliar” interior design blog, I always take a look at the popular posts that it has.

I think most people do the same.

People visit your interior designing blog for the first time, and they take a look at your popular posts, decide what’s interesting, and start reading.

People are like that. They are more attracted to popular things.

And this can be your advantage. You can write for us and get it published in our blog and attract more people to read your interior design website.


Here are 7 tips to create more popular posts for our home interior decor blog:

Top 7 tips to write an amazing home interior design blog

Tips to write interior design blog
Tips to write interior design blog

1. Collect interesting posts ideas

This can be from your own blog or other blogs. What are the popular posts in your blog? What are the popular posts in other blogs?

You have to write the ideas of those popular posts. This is a necessary first step to create another popular post for your blog.

By learning from previous popular posts, it will be easier for you to write another popular post later. So, for the first step, you need to collect the ideas first.

2. Write a blog post that attracts discussion

There is one element that always exists in interesting posts. It is the ability to attract discussion.

Yes, content that is able to attract discussion will potentially be a popular post in your blog.

That’s why you should strive to write a blog post that attracts discussion.

There are few ways to do this.

First, you can create a blog post with a little bit of controversial element in it.

Second, you can create a blog post based on popular topics in a given time.

3. Engage your audience

Your post needs to be able to engage your audience’s interest. You need to be able to make your audience interested in reading your post from start to finish.

If you can make your post interesting, then you will be able to attract more traffic to it.

The key is to engage. You need to engage your audience with story, imagination, and emotion

4. Write a blog post based on good keywords

Another way to write a popular post is to write a blog post based on popular keywords like interior design ideas, artchitecuture interior design, interior decoration ideas, living room decoration ideas, kids room decoration ideas etc.

In this case, I’m referring to the keyword trends in Google.

If you access Google Trends, you will be able to find out which keywords are “hot interior decor keywords” today.

You can use these keywords to write your next post, but you have to combine this step with proper keyword research as well.

If you can do this, you’ll be able to follow the trends and attract traffic to your blog quite easily.

5. Do your research properly

You don’t want to write content that doesn’t have any valuable information in it.

In fact, you want your blog post to be full of useful information as well as valuable tips that can help your readers.

This is the way you can make your audience to trust your blog and persuade them to come again and again. With proper research, this can be achieved.

Before writing your content, do some thorough research about your topic. In this way, you can come up with high quality post that is full of useful information in it.

6. Write a series of valuable blog posts

You can write a series of blog posts and feature it in my interior design blog. This series can potentially become popular in our blog as long as we promote this blog for you.

For instance, if you’re writing about interior decoration ideas for this christmas, then you can write 5 blog posts with the title: “5-Day Crash Course to Home Interior Design“.

Then, we both can promote this series to your audience.

7. Read what people are talking about

Social media platforms are the great places for you to know what’s popular out there.

Check Twitter’s most popular tweets, and see for yourself what people are talking about.

This can be used as your idea to write your next interior design post.

If you’re writing about something popular, people will have more interest to read your content.

Always write about something people want to read.

Those are 7 tips you can follow to write more popular posts for our blog.

These tips will help you to attract more traffic to your website as well as build bigger blog popularity.

We’re accepting guest posts for our blog.

Guidelines to check to submit your guest post:

  • Familiarize yourself with our blog, its content and categories;
  • Posts must be with at least 1000 words;
  • Posts must be submitted as word document (.doc) or TEXT files, please (.txt);
  • Article must be grammatically correct and written in english language;
  • You can include your name and your website or business name for the post byline;
  • You may include 2 links back to your website or store – as long as they are completely relevant to this blog. Just use common sense, please!

All the submitted article will be manually reviewed by our editorial team for content and will be posted within 1 to 2 days.

We reserve the right to make any non-critical edits such as (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) before publishing in our interior design blog.

Be sure to bookmark this link and check back frequently for new updates!

For interior design guest post submission you email at [email protected]

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