Is Double Glazing Worth It?

Double glazed windows are becoming more and more popular when you are weighing up the pros and cons of getting double glazing there can be a lot to consider, if you are trying to decide between double glazing and triple, unfortunately, there is more to it than the simple fact that double glazing is made up of two panes of glass and triple glazing is yes… you guessed it… made up of 3 panes of glass! To figure out what would be the best for your home you need to consider the impact it will have on your home, luckily, we are on hand to help you.

What is triple glazing?

It may be obvious but triple glazing contains 3 glass panes within a sealed frame, just as double glazing consists of 2 glass planes. Between each piece of glass there is a pouch of air normally argon is used, argon is thicker than air and works as an insulator for heat and noise. Realistically triple glazing is going to cost you more than double glazing, but this is very self-explanatory because it does have an extra pain of glass – is generally better.

Why should I have double glazing?

Energy efficiency is measured in energy rankings, so the higher it is normally A or above offers the best results. Any window with a ranking of B or below means that the windows are actually losing more heat than keeping it in the home over the duration of a year.

Advantages of double glazing

·         More energy efficient with a low U-value.

·         Keep cold out and stop the heat escaping from the home during the wintertime. 90% of homeowners say that their homes have been warmer since they had double glazing.

·         Keep the heat out of the home during summer months.

·         Live on a busy street? Not to worry with double glazing windows they keep out noise.

·         Increased security – toughed glass and multi-locking systems your home will be much more secure.

·         Light penetration – will be good for the summer months.

The u-value is measured a window’s efficiency and the higher the value is the less efficient the window will be. Lots of people get double glazed windows to make there home more comfortable, if your home has draughts and condensation then double glazing could be the option for you.

Double glazing windows keep out draughts and retain heat. This, therefore, will help your home stay warmer for longer and in return reduces energy bills. Keeping the warmth it doesn’t necessarily just mean that it will benefit your personal comfort and energy costs but will also benefit your carbon footprint.

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