Is Dry Cleaning Better Than Washing?

dry cleaning

Dry cleaning much like the name suggests uses no water but a liquid solvent is involved which evaporates faster and doesn’t damage the fabric of the clothes. Clothes are soaked and tumbled with a solvent. The solvent doesn’t interact with the fabric structure and keeps the clothes in good condition. Some clothes need special care and water wash along with detergent that can damage the clothes.

Clothes such as wool, velvet, leather, and silk should be dry cleaned to protect from any damage. Dry cleaning service is less abrasive compared to traditional washing and drying service. Water molecule interacts with the polar group of fibers and then they tend to swell, shrink and stretch which reduces the life span of the clothes.

How is dry cleaning better than washing?

1. Stain and odor removal

Dry cleaning is very effective in removing oil-based and hard-to-remove stains. It also removes clingy odor and leaves the clothes with a pleasant smell. Even nearly impossible stains like grease can be removed predominantly which are set for a long time. It is because of the solvents, it acts on the stain and not on the fabric. Before thinking of throwing away stained clothes, one should try professional dry cleaning services. You don’t have to waste your time removing tough stains; professionals will handle it with great care and provide effective treatment.

2. Increased life span

Dry cleaning makes your clothes last longer and help to keep the color of the clothes more vibrant and as new as possible. Contrary to common myths, dry cleaning doesn’t damage the clothes it actually preserves them. It also avoids shrinkage of the clothes and keeps them in the condition as it was. It is gentler on clothes than water washing which damages the clothes. Even gentle cycles can damage expensive and delicate clothes and it wears down the clothes in the long run, therefore it’s better to dry clean the clothes.

3. Restoration

Dry cleaning restores the fabric to its initial characteristics which include texture and colors. Especially wedding gowns, antique textiles, and heirloom items require utmost care. Restoration depends on the duration of the clothes and there shouldn’t be any mechanical damage. Restoration is possible but taking care of expensive and designer clothes is also crucial.

4. Professionalism

Some clothes have a tag ‘Dry clean only’ and require proper care. One might not have knowledge of cloth cleaning. Most of the home remedies for tough stain removal don’t work. Professional dry cleaners know the science of clothing care and can determine the best course of action for clothing that needs special attention.

5. Convenience

The clothes with dry clean only tag need to be washed with hands and not in a washing machine. Washing items by hand is time-consuming one needs to spend a lot of time cleaning delicate clothes. Taking them to professional dry cleaners frees up your day. You get clean clothes which are folded properly. Dry cleaners in Tucson also provide home delivery and pick-up service which saves your time commuting for getting your clothes cleaned.

6. Variety

Cleaners don’t just clean clothes. Many cleaners also clean household items such as blankets, decorative textiles, rugs, upholstery, and curtains which cannot be cleaned in a washing machine. They handle it with care and clean the fabric according to the need. They inspect the clothes and make sure your order meets the required treatment and ensure that your clothes are in the best condition when you receive them.

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