Is Steam Cleaning The Best Way to Clean Carpets?

carpet steam cleaning

If you’ve ever washed carpets, you know that the most common method  is steam cleaning. Easier than half of the company’s carpet cleaning London services claim to be steam cleaning services. So does that mean  you should steam your carpet  or is there a better way?

Is steam cleaning the best way to clean carpets

We spoke to the owner of Carpet Prodigy in Oviedo, a town just outside  Orlando, to get an answer to a question. some of our questions about steam  cleaning carpets.

What is steam cleaning?

A more appropriate name for steam cleaning would be Hot Water Extraction. Steam is water above 212 degrees, and by the time the water hits your mat, it’s under 200 degrees. Still very hot though. With steam cleaning, the operator must spray your carpet with a pre-conditioner. Then they use hot water to rinse your carpet. Hot water was sprayed on the carpet and then immediately aspiring by sucking strongly. 

The good thing about cleaning steam  is  it fast, which is the main reason why a lot of carpet cleaners use this method. This is the production time with steam cleaning. Using  carpet cleaning units on trucks, a carpet cleaning Victoria can clean the average  carpet cleaning work of 5 pieces in less than an hour. This allows them to maximize productivity, clean up 10 or more people every day with a  crew.

Bad is mostly operator error. If the carpet cleaner uses too much pressure or moves too quickly, in most of these cases, you could end up with an overly wet carpet. When this happens, moisture and dirt will penetrate the underside of the carpet fibers and into the subfloor. If this happens, the carpet will  look good at first, but all stains and stains will return as soon as the carpet dries. You shouldn’t have these problems when cleaning at low humidity.

What is a low humidity carpet cleaning?

Replacement to clean the steam carpet is cleaning  low humidity and  has many advantages. With low moisture carpet cleaning,  the appropriate amount of water is used to clean your carpet. Your detergent will always apply an actor for the first drilling condition into your carpet, but instead of spraying your carpet with a high-end washer, then the carpet will be  cleaned with a low humidity buffer on the machine Floor. 

The advantage of this method is that you will not press the ground into the carpet’s base. it was simply wiped out and removed, never to be seen  again. Plus, because the cleaner  dries to crystals on its own, it leaves no residue. Any moisture remains dry within minutes and can then  be removed with a simple vacuum cleaner. 

The only real downside to cleaning at low humidity is the time it takes. Where a typical 5-piece job can be done in less than an hour with steam cleaning, a low-moisture carpet cleaner will take almost two hours. This isn’t really a problem for owners, but also for  business owners trying to stay productive.

Why is steam cleaning so popular?

Mainly because carpet cleaning Richmond companies promote it. They want to make the most of the most expensive costs, labor and steam cleaning. While a steam cleaning team can do 10 to 12 jobs per day, a low humidity cleaning team can only do 5 or 6 jobs. Steam cleaning is more cost-effective for carpet cleaners who care more about the bottom line. As a consumer, you shouldn’t worry about timing. You just want the carpet to be as clean as possible and you want it to stay that way. The obvious choice then is cleaning with low humidity.

Why use low humidity cleaning?

Washing low-moisture carpets has a ton of benefits, but to save time, I’ll keep it short. First, you have a low drying time. Carpets cleaned with a low humidity carpet cleaning system like the one we use in Orlando will dry in as little as 15 minutes. A perfectly done steam cleaning  can take 6-12 hours to dry and, if done incorrectly,  can take days. Then you have the fact that cleaning at low humidity stays cleaner longer. You don’t have the problem of stains coming to the surface and leaving no residue. Any moisture that is not removed during the cleaning process will dry out into brittle crystals that are easily sucked out afterwards. 

Finally, while there are other benefits, you have  convenience. With low humidity carpet cleaning, there are no pipes running in and out of your home. Your carpet cleaner offers a gentle working machine. If you work from home, you’ll appreciate the quietness of a low humidity cleaning system.


Obviously, there are other ways to clean carpets than just steam cleaning, and they can have a number of advantages. If you’re in London, find out for yourself by calling Carpet Cleaning London at 020 3519 0366 or you can visit their website linked above

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