How to Keep Dogs Off Furniture

Keep Dogs Off Furniture

Some people allow their dogs on the furniture while for other households the furniture is off limits to the pets.

Which one is the right way?

There is no right or wrong answer it all depends on your lifestyle and what you want in your home.

There are situation however where the dog needs to be kept off the furniture.

One of those times is when your dog starts showing dominance or aggression in the home.

It is a fact that when you allow some dogs, not all dogs, on the furniture that they become an equal. When I say furniture I am also talking about the bed.

So when your dog is an equal it assumes that it does not have to treat you as a pack leader or listen to your commands.

So how do you get your dog off the furniture and the bed?

In some cases these dogs have been on the furniture or sleeping in the bed all their life.

The answer is simple. If you decide that your dog can no longer be on your bed or your couch here are the simple tricks that work.

Let’s talk about the bed first. If you dog just will not stay off the bed here are some ways to make it happen.

You can close the door during the day so the dog cannot go into the bedroom.

At night you can crate your dog or simply put up a doggie gate at your door so the dog can’t come in the room.

You will be amazed how quickly the dog will learn that the bed is off limits.

Now let’s talk about the furniture.

This one is easy as well. Each time your dog gets on the couch or a chair simply grab its collar and pull it off giving the command “OFF”.

You will need to do this several time but most dog owners say that the dog learns and stays off the furniture in as little as 24 hours.

Again, if your lifestyle allows your dog on the furniture and your dog is well behaved with no aggression then this information probably does not interest you.

However if you have a dominate and / or aggressive dog this is a place to start in your dogs rehabilitation along with obedience training and some behavior modification.

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