How To Keep Your Granite Worktops Glowing

Having chosen high-quality granite worktops for your home, you have probably fallen in love with them over time. Their classic style, durability, bacteria-free properties, easy maintenance, and natural look are all characteristics that make them truly stand out from other worktop materials.

You have likely heard that with proper care and regular maintenance, granite worktops will last a lifetime, and that is true. Since this is the case, you definitely would want to know what those care and maintenance routines are, which can preserve your granite worktops forever.

If you want your quality granite worktop to shine at all times, here are some essential tips on how to take good care of them. To start with, depending on which variety of granite you have, you will need to apply a sturdy sealer to your worktops. The sealer will keep them stain-resistant, which sustains their natural look and function.

You will also need to re-apply the sealer about every year or so (but then again, the frequency of sealer application entirely depends on the type of granite worktops that you have) so as to maintain its protective barrier. Once this crucial step is out of the way, you will need to carry through daily maintenance for your granite worktops. Some of these routine maintenance include cleaning your worktops with warm water and dish soap, as well as cleaning up any spills immediately after they occur in order to prevent any grimy or sticky parts on your counters.

In other words, you should always treat your granite worktops with the proper care that will allow them to last a lifetime.

This basically means that even though they are tolerant to heat, you should not directly place hot pans on the surface and leave them there for prolonged periods of time, nor do you cut and slice ingredients directly on the worktops with sharp knives when you could easily utilize a cutting board.  This also means that you have to put down coasters for vases, cups, or other decorative items that would likely carry liquids.

Granite worktops does not need any extreme maintenance, you just need to properly take care of them by knowing the things you should and shouldn’t do.


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