7 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Easy to Maintain

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Everyone needs private spaces of their own. Whether it’s a freestanding, four bedroom home, a large apartment in the middle of Brisbane or a college dorm, people need spaces that let them retreat from the world, make dinner and have a good night’s sleep.

Part of having a comfortable home is having one that is easy to clean. People want to enjoy life without spending too many hours cleaning it. They want spaces that only need a bit of cleaning to look fabulous. A home that is easy to maintain can be created with a few basic tips. Attention to detail and the ability to stay organized will pay off.

Clean Your Carpets

Carpets have many advantages. They feel great underfoot. They offer an additional layer that helps reduce sound and keeps the home warmer. Carpets also come in many colors and textures. This makes it easy to use them to add light, pattern and varied material to any home decor plan. Carpeting works well with many types of materials including wood and marble.

At the same time, carpets need attention to continue to look their best. Carpet cleaning Brisbane services can help. Experts can come to any space, clean all areas of the carpeting, remove dirt and grime and make it look new again. A few sessions a few times a year is all it takes to keep any carpeting plush and inviting.

Discarding Things

It’s much easier to keep places clean when you’ve gotten rid of the items you don’t necessarily need. Decluttering also has tremendous psychological benefits. People feel empowered when they have gotten rid of items they no longer want. They put themselves in a positive frame of mind that indicates they can take charge and make important decisions about their lives.

Spare, lean spaces are also much easier to care for and keep clean. Look closely at everything you have on hand. If it hasn’t been used in more than six months, you may not need it. Consider donating the item to a worthy cause, selling it or just throwing it in the recycling bin.

Family Help

If you’re living with family members, take advantage of it and let everyone keep all areas of the home in the best possible shape. Every person in your family can take part in cleaning activities. Little kids can put away their own toys and clean their own room each week. Older members of the family can take an active part in keeping all interior spaces clean. Teens can do their own laundry and your laundry as well. A teen can also do all sorts of chores around the house such as mopping and sweeping the floors.

Kids respond well to rewards and parental praise. Offer kids a small allowance. In turn, they can agree to do certain things such as putting the dishes in the dishwasher and putting the groceries away when you bring them inside.

Get Organized

An organized home is a home that’s easy to keep in the best possible shape. Think about ways to organize your home so that everything has a place. For example, you can put all sorts of storage space in the kitchen drawers. Hang extra shelving on the interior of the cabinet doors. This will also make it easier to cook. Items can also be organized according to the seasons.

Place items related to the seasons in places that make it easy for you to find them but also that keep them out of the way. For example, thicker blankets can be stored the back of the closet. Protect them from problems such as water damage by keeping them in places that do not allow moisture to get inside. A cedar lined closet not only smells good. It also preserves your clothing from issues such as moths that might other destroy the precious material.

Great Tools

Today’s modern homeowners can also take advantage of the range of cleaning tools at their disposal. Look for tools like dusters with extendable arms that let you reach even the difficult corners and higher shelving. Tools should can fit into your hand with ease and kept in tidy corners when they are not in use. A good set of cleaning tools will make cleaning even faster and far less of a strain on your joints.

Every Single Day

Cleaning is also easier if you do it every single day. Take half an hour before you go to bed. Have a look at each room in your home. Now is the time to do a quick, fast wipe of all surfaces in the kitchen. It’s the time to look for little pockets of dust that are barely visible to the eye.

Develop a cleaning routine. The routine should include all your family members and anyone living with you. A roommate can help with making sure any deliveries during the day are unpacked and stored properly. Small chores can be done after you’re done with work. On the weekends, take a little more time to do the bigger things.

Now is the time vacuum the bedrooms and remove any rotten food from the fridge. It’s also the time to think about any kind of seasonal changes you want to make. Turn over the mattress twice a year to avoid wearing down one end. Clean the windows to remove accumulated grime.

The Right Products

Cleaning is also far easier with the right cleaning products. Look for cleaning products products designed for varied types of surfaces. For example, if you are cleaning glass, you need specially formulated glass cleaner that will immediately remove glass stains.

The same is true of your other surfaces. Having the right products in your home before you begin is crucial. Store them in a safe space so you can bring them out as needed. You’ll have a fast process that keeps all your spaces in great shape all year long.

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  • Icy Violets’ blog post offers practical tips for keeping a home clean and easy to maintain. By incorporating small habits into our daily routines, we can reduce clutter and prevent messes from building up over time.

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