Tips to Keep Outdoor Furniture Cushion Covers Clean

Keep Outdoor Furniture Cushion Covers Clean

With many of us spending more time at home these days, our yards can be a safe haven to enjoy some fresh air. Furnished outdoor areas make your backyard a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy as a family. The problem is, when they become dirty and messy, you’re unlikely to enjoy your time and may also suffer health risks including allergies.

Furniture cushions are outdoor furniture’s best friend when it comes to comfort and style. The downside is they also need special care to maintain their beauty and cleanliness.

Your outdoor cushion needs are not that different from any indoor furniture: they require frequent vacuuming or brushing with a soft brush and also washing. It is also important that outdoor cushion covers are made with the right materials in order to shield them from damage caused by the sun and weather conditions.

This blog post will share how you can keep your outdoor cushion covers clean so they look great for years to come!

How to Wash Your Outdoor Cushion Covers

Regular cleaning of your patio furniture cushions is the best way to keep them clean and stain-free. Regular outdoor cushions cleaning can make outdoor living spaces more inviting, as well as help preserve furniture fabric from fading due to UV rays and moisture exposure.

You can wash your cushion covers in the washing machine or hand washing. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages.

Use a Washing Machine

Most of the time, you can safely wash outdoor cushions in the washing machine. This is an easy task that doesn’t require much work, but it does involve a lot of water and detergent. If you’re able to wash the covers with other suitable items around the home this is ideal. For outdoor furniture, we highly recommend a water-based detergent and vinegar.

Hand Wash Outdoor Cushion Covers

If you’re short for time or don’t have a washing machine, outdoor covers can also be hand washed. It may require more work to clean the cushions manually, but it prevents the use of harsh detergents or bleaches that are not suitable for outdoor fabrics. This method of cleaning is ideal for older, more delicate outdoor furniture that may be prone to rips and tears if you throw it into the washing machine.

The covers should be taken off the cushion and placed in a large pot or bucket with cold or warm water, adding detergent at the same time. Once they’ve been soaked for around 30 minutes, you can start washing them by hand.

Removing Stains for Outdoor Cushions

While high quality outdoor cushions are designed to resist the element and some stains, there is no way of stopping all stains completely. Some outdoor furniture stains can be very difficult to remove.

Mildew and mould discolouration is some of the most common outdoor cushion stains, which is caused by high levels of humidity or dampness in combination with a lack of ventilation or inadequate cleaning. Bird poo or tree sap stains can also be a challenge to remove particularly if they are not cleaned in a timely manner.

No matter how outdoor furniture is used, the cushion covers need to be regularly cleaned and aired for them to look good as new again. Furry pets who like to nestle on outdoor cushions can also leave their mark.

Should I also Clean the Cushion?

Absolutely, you should clean the cushions from time to time. No matter how good the covers are, some dirt and grime will get through to the cushion itself. It will depend on the material used in the cushion how you clean them however the common key step is to ensure they dry as quickly as possible so place them in the sun with good ventilation to improve the drying time.

What Makes an Outdoor Cushion Cover Last the Longest?

Outdoor furniture cushion covers are best when they are made of a durable material, such as canvas or water-resistant fabric. They should also be well sewn and tightly fitted to prevent them from rubbing in windy weather or allowing for water to pool on them when it rains.


With many around the world living in lockdown at different times, its’ time to set yourself up for the ultimate staycation. When it comes to enjoying your backyard, it really does make a difference when it’s fresh, clean and inviting. That way you can really kick back, and relax in the fresh air. None of us want to be constantly cleaning so consider the type of cushion covers you use from a practical standpoint. Some outdoor cushion fabric is also more prone to staining than others due to its treatment or colour. For example, outdoor lighter coloured cushion covers will show up any discolouration much quicker than a darker cover would.

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  • Most of the time, you can safely wash outdoor cushions in the washing machine. This is an easy task that doesn’t require much work, but it does involve a lot of water and detergent

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