6 Best Ways To Keep Your Home Hygienic

Is the rise in corona infection, giving you sleepless nights and making you worried about your family’s health? The entire world is getting infected with the COVID-19 virus, and we are witnessing the most massive lockdown in history ever. Despite many adhering to the lockdown rules, the corona curve is still rising and has not flattened. Well, hygienic health practices start at home. Here are the best ways you could try to keep yourself and your family safe. Read about them and implement all of them to flatten the curve and win the battle against COVID-19.

  1. Purify the air around you – The first step is to purify the air around you. Although COVID-19 is not air-borne, there are chances of it spreading from the air that enters your house. Use an air purifier to keep all the dirt, bacteria, virus, and fungi away. In case the air purifier is out of your budget, and you are very particular in visiting a store to check the features out, you can choose anessential oil diffuser. Many essential oils act as air purifiers and cleanse the air when they are diffused. Some examples of such oils that can be available for you are the oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary, and tea tree. They have anti-microbial properties and inhibit the growth and spread of germs. Get a few drops of this oil or take a mixture of all these oils and add it to the aromatic oil diffuser. Turn the oil diffuser on and keep the air around you free from all germs and, of course, the dangers that corona could bring. Keep the oil diffuseron all day long to stay safe.
  2. Boost your immunity at home – Corona affects your body, but what if you can make your body a strong barrier against this deadly virus? Yes, you can grow more strong by inculcating some habits to make your body immune to corona or any common cold, flu, and fever. The best way to do this is by eating immunity-boosting food. You can include spinach, green veggies, citrus food like lemon and ranges, curd, ginger, and garlic. All of these have the ability to fight germs that enter your body and keep you resistant and healthy. The other best way to improve and boost your immunity is to use the oil diffuser and diffuse the fragrance of essential oils like basil, eucalyptus, and tea tree. These oils are known to build resistance against germs because of their anti-microbial property and keep the respiratory tract and organs safe from all the flu-causing microorganisms.
  1. Make your sanitizer – Everyone of us is having a tough time in this lockdown season, and there is a massive demand for hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizers having the composition of alcohol are very effective in killing all sorts of germs and corona too. In case the medical stores near you have no supplies of hand sanitizers, you can go ahead and make one yourself. All that you need is 500ml of isopropyl alcohol, a cup of fresh aloe vera gel, and 10-12 drops of tea tree oil. Take a clean vessel and a clean spatula. Pour all the ingredients into this vessel and give it a good mix. Fill them in disinfected pump-up soap dispensers and begin using them. This is how you can make your defense essential at home.
  1. Use a strong disinfector – An essential way to remain safe during the corona times is t use good disinfectors. Where? I would say everywhere. Right from the water you use to mop the floor with, to the water in your bathtub, make sure you use the best skin-friendly disinfectant. Use soaps with the goodness of neem and basil to clean your utensils too. Bathe with hot water and use some essential oils like basil, eucalyptus, neem, and tea tree in the bathwater.
  1. Make regular temperature checks – Get an infrared temperature checking thermometer home. Such temperature checking devices can read your temperature without you keeping them under your arm or in your mouth. This stops the spread of corona or any infection. Stock up the basic paracetamols at your home, and do not wait to visit your doctor if you get the slightest corona symptom. Conduct temperature checks for you and your family members twice a day and stay alert and safe at home.
  1. Follow the essential quarantine habits – Apart from all the above-mentioned hacks to escape from COVID-19, follow the essential corona precautions and quarantine rules that the government and World Health Organisation have prescribed to you. Isolate yourself from the crowd if you have a simple cold also. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing and dispose of the tissues that you use well. Wear a mask when you get out of the home to buy your groceries and essential needs and do not shake hands with anyone. These are the basic rules that you need to inculcate every single day to remain healthy.

The vaccine to fight CVID-19 is getting prepared and tested, and over 80 drug labs across the world have come up to find a vaccine that fights this deadly virus. A normal vaccine may take up to 6-7 years to get prepared, but our clinicians and scientists have teamed up and have fastened their working speed so that they can come up with the vaccine by September 2020. This is because COVID-19 has genes of the SARS virus and behaves much like it. The research has become so much easy because of similar genes.

However, until then, we need to concentrate on flattening the curve until the virus, and its spread eradicates. This can happen only when all of us join hands in staying away and promoting social distancing. The place where you are spending most of your time (your home) needs to be kept at its best. This will certainly help you fight the virus and bring in the much-needed positive vibes into your home and life too.

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