Killing Bed Bugs the Right Way, Right Away!

killing bed bugs

“Sleep tight, do not let the bed bugs bite.” This was what your parents told you as you were being tucked to bed when you were a little kid. You thought it was just a silly childhood rhyme. But bed bugs are real – even if you have grown up. They are parasitic lice that feed on human blood that leaves you with unbearable skin bite itch. They create discomfort in your home so killing bed bugs is the only resort to bite less nights.

The most common species are Cimex lectularius and Cimex Hemipterus. They are wingless flat parasitic insects that are about less than 4 millimeters small and can reproduce in just ten days of about three hundred eggs in their lifespan. Imagine these nocturnal critters crawling and hiding into crevices, furniture, walls, carpet, clothes – almost anywhere near their warm-blooded hosts.

They can spread quickly because of their ability to travel from places to places hanging on to their traveling host’s belongings and ending up making their way into wherever they can nest. Their favorite hide out are the bed mattress that is why they are called bed bugs. They can withstand a full year being dormant and not feeding, making it harder to achieve killing bed bugs a hundred percent.

Confirming infestations

So what are the common signs that you have bed bug infestation? First, you wake up with unexplained bites all over your body and you ruled out mosquitoes because these bites are even present in those unexposed parts of your body. Second, you find brown or red spots in your bed sheets that are probably your dried blood or the fecal matter from the bugs. And just to make sure you have them, place a sticky tape on your bed post like a fly trap paper. Leave it for a few nights and inspect it after if there are trapped bed bugs. This can confirm your infestation.

Proceed to Killing

If the infestation is still manageable, then do these steps repeatedly. Time is of the essence in defeating them so take action right away to lessen their chances of multiplying.

3 Easiest Ways To Kill Bed Bugs the Right Way

1. Identify where they nest

Find the spot where you find many bed bugs. Thorough cleaning is required to alleviate the situation. Remember that bugs do not only populate your bed but also lives on other places in your bedroom and even beyond. Use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean the nooks and crannies of your bedroom and near areas. The vacuum bag used should be sealed and disposed of properly to prevent bed bugs from escaping and coming back. Do this for nine weeks

2. Expose infected objects to extreme heat or cold temperatures

You must also make sure that you get rid of the eggs so the bugs will not repopulate your bed or other things in your house. These things include furniture, clothing, and stuffs human hosts commonly get in contact with. For clothing and bed sheets, wash them in hot water of about 120° Celsius. Carpets should be scrubbed clean, vacuumed, and then apply hot steam on it. For the bed mattress and furniture, expose them to the outdoor hot sun and inspect them thoroughly before returning them again. Or opt to buy a new mattress to be sure. For non washable items, they should be plastic-sealed and kept in the freezer for at least two weeks to kill them and their eggs.

3. Call in the pest control professional

Now, when you are your wits end about uncontrollable the infestation, then call in the professionals to help you. Using chemicals or home pesticides can be a dangerous thing to do by yourself. You might end up doing more harm to you and your home than. They have the best methods and equipment in killing them that can solve your problem. Look around for your local pest control services and discuss with them your bed bugs problem.

Killing bed bugs can sound mean but it is necessary to keep a good night sleep without having to deal with unsightly skin welts in the morning. You are keeping your place clean and free of parasites which homes are supposed to be – especially your bed. Resolve any problems right away and in the right way so as to prevent any further irritation on your part.

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