Best Kitchen Design Ideas With Open Shelving

Kitchen cabinets are an integral aspect of a well-fitted kitchen. These are available in a range of different sizes, shapes and designs meaning you can choose one that complements your decor.

Speaking of the perfect kitchen cabinet, open shelving is perhaps the most unconventional cabinet design available today.

As the name suggests, open shelving is essentially a cabinet shelf with no doors.

This means everything that you store is on display which gives you room to add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen design.

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving

With open shelving, you can showcase dishes, serving pieces and other cutlery artfully that’s very similar to a bookshelf.

With all your kitchen items exposed, you can add style, personality and practicality to literally any type of kitchen.

There are several functional and visually-appealing benefits of integrating open shelving in your kitchen space.

Let’s take a look at how this can make your kitchen space more practical!

Top 9 Kitchen Design Ideas With Open Shelving in 2021

1. Create a Spacious Look

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving
Create a Spacious Look

With open-shelving, your kitchen design looks more roomy, bright and airy. It makes your kitchen appear cosier and wide.

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Using a set of shelves to store your kitchen items helps you be more space-efficient especially if you have a smaller kitchen space.

2. Highly Convenient and Organised

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving

With every item on display, you don’t have to search your cabinets and drawers looking for something you need.

With open shelving, you can quickly find everyday items as they are just within reach and not hidden behind a door.

Plus, it helps you keep things neat and tidy as everything is on display.

3. Integrate a Statement of Style

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving
Integrate a Statement of Style

When you install a new kitchen, cabinets often tend to cover up the beautiful wall treatments you’ve only just got done.

With open shelving system in your home, you can now show off the decorative splashback tiles, the beautiful paint job or the gorgeous wallpaper covering that you’ve invested in.

4. Budget-Friendly

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving

When compared to traditional kitchen cabinetry, open shelving is much more cost-effective.

Less material is used to install these shelves automatically reducing the costs involved.

You can use the leftover money to invest in some other aspect of your kitchen remodelling project.

5. Integrate Texture and Colour

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving
Integrate Texture and Colour

Open shelving can be treated as the focal point in your kitchen which means you can add a splash of colour or a bit of texture with your choice of material.

This will work wonderfully if you have selected a neutral theme.

To introduce a bit of texture, why not add a natural touch to your kitchen design with wooden shelving?

6. Add to the Charm

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving

With open shelving, you can add to the charm of your kitchen space which at times is simply absent with cabinets.

Whether you prefer to be minimalist with your display of dishes or introduce an eclectic mix of colour, putting all essential elements on display creates a rather warm and welcoming vibe in your cooking space.

7. Optimisation of Storage Space

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving
Optimisation of Storage Space

Unlike closed shelves with doors, open shelves have no division – just a long plank attached to the wall.

This greatly optimises the available storage space meaning you can experiment with what you want to store on these shelves.

Items that are too big to be stored on the lower cabinets can be placed on the shelves instead.

8. Change the Aesthetics of Your Kitchen

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving
Change the Aesthetics of Your Kitchen

With open shelves, your decor is defined by all the items on display.

This means you can change the way your kitchen looks any time and give your space a fresh look altogether.

Move some items around, colour-coordinate dishes and bowls or mix it all up.

Organise all items in either a simple or a complex manner and you will be able to experiment with different looks.

With open shelving, you can be creative and imaginative with your storage and display.

9. Perfect for Your Collectibles

Kitchen Design With Open Shelving

If you have an impressive collection of artistic dishware, cutlery or other decorative items, open shelving is ideal to display it all.

You can enjoy looking at your precious collection every day and simultaneously add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Open shelving is quite versatile as it can be easily incorporated into any type of kitchen style.

You can experiment with various material choices including stainless steel, glass, wood and more!

Open shelves work seamlessly with contemporary, rustic, traditional and other designs.

So, if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, don’t dismiss open shelving just because it lacks doors!

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