Best Kitchen Designs that Suits Your Modern Lifestyle

The kitchen is so many things in any home.

Kitchens are rooms where someone can dash off a fast breakfast or create a lovely crock meal to greet them with a room full of flavor when they get home from work.

It’s also a center for the homeowner to have all sorts of special kinds of celebrations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the milestones that make life so wonderful.

Contemporary kitchen design is all about making life easier for the modern homeowner.

Top 9 kitchen designs for your modern lifestyle in 2021

i) Beautiful Brass

Brass has a place any modern kitchen.

It’s easy to clean quickly, making it an ideal material for busy moms and dads on the run. It is also elegant and adds patina and depth.

Many designers are using brass access to add something special to their kitchen concepts.

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Brass is also highly versatile and extremely durable. Homeowners will find brass kitchen faucets that can serve as the focal point in the room and draw attention to the kitchen’s high ceilings and lovely cabinetry.

ii) Elegant Hardware

Hardware is one detail that makes a big statement.

Those in search of hardware for their kitchens will find many choices for the best new kitchens.

Many people want to have hardware that makes it easy to open and close all kitchen cabinet doors. You can get the best hardware doors kitchener from windtek for easy installation.

This allows for easy access to all items such as fresh fruit and other cooking staples.

Thoughtful hardware choices also help make the kitchen more functional.

For example, hardware is an important part of universal design.

Universal design is a modern ideal that makes it easy for everyone, of every single age to use the kitchen effectively.

iii) Layered Lighting

Lighting is one of the foundational elements in any kitchen design.

People need a mix of natural and artificial light to be able to use the kitchen well.

They need to have lighting that lets everyone see what they’re doing and work safely.

Today’s kitchens designers are increasingly looking to layered concepts.

The ideal is lighting that lets one person work in one area while others may be eating or cooking in another part of the kitchen.

Layered lighting of this sort often means lighting underneath the counter to see items more closely while also installing overhead lighting.

iv) Living Green Walls

Eco-conscious decorating decisions have taken center stage in recent years.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to follow suit.

They want to use green materials and bring the outdoors inside. A living green wall is one solution many designers and homeowners love.

Green walls allow the homeowner to grow their very own products such as herbs and even many kinds of vegetables.

They also help bring in color and create something to admire from every angle. Any wall needs to be properly installed.

Working with a professional to get it done right will ensure a wall that is safe, functional and beautiful.

v) Multi-Purpose Islands

Islands have become an integral part of modern kitchens.

Today’s designers are doing much to take islands to the next level. Islands are the perfect place for a fast brunch on a lazy Sunday morning.

Modern homeowners want something more from their islands.

They’ll find it with islands that have lots storage space. This is where designers are choosing to place additional appliances such as an extra microwave.

It’s also where designers are placing lots of fun extras.

An island can also serve other purposes such as a wine cooler to show off the homeowner’s cherished bottles.

vi) Open Shelving

Shelving is another area garnering lots of attention for the modern homeowner.

Shelving offers a way to organize the kitchen properly so that everything has a place. It also allows people access to the items they love.

A person may have a wonderful group of china they’ve inherited from a parent. Open shelving makes it easier than ever to bring out lovely things that can be used on special occasions.

Open shelving also makes it easy for people to create a kitchen with lots of beautiful designs.

A series of hand painted plates can be laid against the wall to add in pattern and texture.

vii) Two Ovens

Busy homeowners find they want to prepare meals and prepare them fast.

When they’re making a meal, they might need to slowly roast one element over high heat while another ingredient needs a fast and quick broil to brown.

Two ovens make it easy to create complicated and delicious meals.

This also makes it easy for more than one person to work in the kitchen at the same time.

One person can use one oven to make dessert.

The other can concentrate on getting the appetizer and main course in the oven ready for guests.

viii) Smart Appliances

Appliances are now easier to use than ever before.

Modern kitchen designers have taken full advantage of what appliances can do now.

A homeowner can connect their smart appliances to a cell phone or tablet.

This allows for better control when on the go and not home.

Homeowners can now get the oven pre-heated before they leave the house.

This way, it’s easy to pop in a roast or bring out the cookie mix and have dinner on the table fast.

Smart appliances also help by letting owners know what they need to do in the event of a problem and precisely how to fix it.

ix) Vibrant Color

Color is also something that designers are thinking about closely in the kitchen.

Different colors call to mind different emotions.

Designers are using color in ways large and small. Vivid colors like reds and yellows are showing up in cabinets and tile flooring.

This helps bring a sense of excitement to the kitchen and make it a place that invites people.

Brighter colors make people feel happy as they cook. A bit of bright color is also being used in other ways. A green backsplash allows the owner to make a visual statement.

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