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If you think your kitchen space is no longer enough to accommodate your growing family or you simply just find your space boring and bland, renovating it is the answer to your growing problem. However, before you take away everything and insert new fixtures, it is always best to have your kitchen plans ready. The plans will assist you in achieving your desired look. To help you with the planning, here are some of the basic things that you can consider.

Kitchen Plan

Your kitchen design will never be complete without having a proper kitchen plan. If you have some expensive fixtures that you are not ready to give up on, make sure you find their place in your kitchen. For example you can do the initial lay out on a piece of paper. Initially consider the overall design of your kitchen plans and the measurement of each fixture that you will add so you get it right the first time without having to redo anything due to wrong measurements taken.

Kitchen Counter

The counter consumes much of the space in your kitchen plans. Think of the shape you want to adapt which will best fit your cooking area layout. You can choose from the U shape or L shape as these are the most common shapes employed in cooking areas nowadays. Each will have their own advantage and disadvantage so you should read first on them before starting with one. Check the different samples on the internet and consider the shape of your space so you get the best for your room.


When it comes to the cabinets and drawers, think of the material you want to choose, the design and style. The cabinets will be the main attraction to show off your overall theme. The color and style can change the atmosphere in your kitchen plans. Therefore, you have to research properly and compare all the available possibilities to get the best look you want to project. A very modern set of cabinets is nowadays made of stainless steel. This gives them a sleek and elegant look not found with any other materials.


Lastly, you should keep the accessories in your kitchen plans in tune with your main theme that you’re going to set for your cooking place. Match the faucet and sink with the other fixtures in the kitchen so nothing disrupts from the overall good impression. You can look around to find the design that matches your style. Pay attention to your lighting as well. Consider using under counter and cabinet lights to add illumination to your working areas.

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