10 Best Landscape Edging Ideas On a Budget

landscape edging ideas on a budget

If you are looking for curb appeal for your property, landscaping is the one thing that will bring it to life, and landscape edging ideas is most important or finishing touch that can pull it all together for the front, back or garden area of a home.

Whether you are enhancing or updating the look of your home’s exterior or getting ready to place your home on the market, landscape edging can give you the “edge” either way.

There are a number of different options for edging use.

Knowing and understanding styles that will coordinate with your home as well as plants that are best suited for the environment of your property are all important considerations.

To make sure that you get a professional-looking garden you should use a professional landscape gardening contractor to undertake your project.

Using a professional landscaper may cost more than doing it yourself, however, the time saved and quality of the end result can really make all the difference.

Top 10 Landscape Edging Ideas and Garden (or Lawn)

landscape edging ideas

1. Landscape Edging Factors

With the availability of various edging materials in the marketplace today, it’s a good idea to check them out to determine what is workable and practical for your outside area, your individual style, creative sense and your budget.

Any decisions made about landscape edging will likely be based on those factors, and the additional information that follows should give you a better idea of what can work for your situation and your home.

2. Landscape Edging Materials

Landscape edging comes in a range of material combinations and choices that include: brick, pavers, concrete, cinder blocks, stone, glass, metal, ceramic plates, wood, tiles, pottery, treated railroad ties, wire mesh panels (gabions), and various other materials that have either been recycled or repurposed.

3. Lawn Edging Ideas

You can get creative with lawn edging and design and devise all sorts of configurations to edge a lawn, garden or any other area that requires boundaries.

Separation can be easy when you have an arrangement in mind that isolates one area of a yard or lawn from another.

Ideas with landscape edging can be as simple as

4. Terra cotta clay pots

Terra cotta clay pots, split or used whole, can be turned on their sides and placed along an area to be edged. This is another best landscape edging ideas on a budget in this year.

They are a relatively inexpensive way to make attractive edging for areas where other larger clay pots or planters are being situated.

5. Cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are another less costly way to edge an area, particularly for a space against a house that requires a rectangular formation and double planting.

Anyone heavily into gardening knows that they can use the middle portions of the blocks to add other plantings, like flowers or smaller plants, while the area behind the blocks is protected and can house other plants. Cinder blocks is one of the favourite landscape edging ideas by some of the people in US.

6. Malleable and aged metal

Malleable and aged metal is an edging that can be used for elevated or raised bed areas for plantings, and it is the type of edging that can be fairly inexpensive when it is found through recycling centers, second hand material community associations and other places that offer metal edging materials at discounted prices. Malleable and aged metal is definitely an alternate landscape edging ideas with low price.

7. Recycled glass bottles

One inexpensive approach to landscape edging is recycled glass bottles.

They’re definitely on the inexpensive, literally free, side and they can make an attractive, colorful, durable and whimsical addition to the edges of any area where larger plantings are placed.

The bottles can be buried long the section to be edged, plus they will likely outlast the shrubs, plants and anything else placed behind them because of their lasting quality.

8. Gabion Barrier

A gabion barrier or wall is a natural fence edging that might be unfamiliar to some, but it is another attractive and fairly easy way to create a barrier through wire basket structure.

The edging is stable and can be combined with other materials and filled with colorful river rocks, wood, concrete pieces, stones, or other materials.

A gabion has a base that is not easily eroded or shifted, and they are not only protective but environmentally friendly.

9. Plants You can Use with Edging

The most resilient plants to use with landscape edging are many and varied, but before using them with your edging be sure that they are adaptable to your climate or gardening zone.

One hearty and lush perennial (long-lived) foliage plant, which is easy to grow and requires low to almost no maintenance is the Hosta plant.

It is available in a host of varieties. Other plants that thrive with edging include:

Japanese forestgrass flourishes in the shade and produces mounds of foliage and makes a wonderful accent along landscape edging.

Sedum is a clumping plant that adds a neat and clean edge for larger plants. Sedum is hearty and holds up well in heat and during dry periods.

Alyssum is a flowering plant (annual) that produces beautifully fragrant white, pink, lavender and cream flower varieties and if cared for properly, it should bloom on a continuing basis throughout a growing season.

With the endless landscape edging ideas and robust plantings available to lawn and garden enthusiasts, almost anyone can find something that will coordinate with their front or backyard that suits their tastes and pocketbook.

Whether you are edging a vegetable, herb, or flower garden as well as large shrubs, or areas with individual planters, there are both practical and inexpensive types of edging available that are either, new, used or recycled that can give you the edge when it comes to your exterior landscaping needs.

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  • Thank you for your suggestions on what kinds of plants to use when doing garden edging. I had wondered if different flowers and shrubs could be used with this technique to give my garden a unique feel, one that will look different from the usual green lawn that everyone seems to have. Once I find a landscaping service in the area, I’ll definitely use your list of flowers and plants when we start the edging process.

  • These landscaping ideas are fantastic, and I will utilize them soon. I love the trends that you’ve shared here, and hopefully, I can implement some of these trends in my project.

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