5 Life-Changing Bathroom Upgrades You Need to Check Out

We call our toilets thrones because one’s toilet should be comfortably magnificent. It should be inviting, not repellent. After all, your bathroom is your private space that takes care of you whenever you need it to.

Is you current bathroom arrangement not living up to your expectations?

Or perhaps you just received a raise and one of your plans is to upgrade your bathroom with all that extra money you’ll be raking in?

If you fall into the latter group, congratulations, your head is in the right place. Because a bathroom upgrade not only upgrades your life, it also upgrades the value of your home.

stylish bathroom ideas

In this article, you’ll find five items that’ll take your bathroom to that heavenly level you’ve always dreamed of it reaching.

Top 5 Amazing Bathroom Upgrades You Need to Check Out

1. Shower Tower

One of the easiest and best ways to upgrade your shower experience is with the addition of a shower panel tower. With one of these nifty shower improvements installed, you essentially turn your shower into a temple fit for the gods.

Several of the key features a shower tower brings to the table are rainfall shower mode, massage jets, LED lighting, and a multi-function handheld wand. Then, you have the luxury of mixing and matching the functions.

For example, you might want to enjoy the massage jets while the showerhead softly rains down upon your head. All in all, this is a bathroom upgrade that’s quickly catching on because of its affordability and versatility.

2. The Bidet

Never underestimate the life-changing potential of a bidet. No longer are bidets reserved for Europe, Asia, and the wealthy. Nowadays, they’re growing in popularity here in America as well because of the luxurious bathroom experience they deliver.

At first, you might find choosing a bidet for your bathroom confusing since there are several types. Of those types, the bidet-toilet combo and bidet seat are the most luxurious, with portable bidets and handheld sprayers being the least luxurious.

To get the most out of your new bidet, it’s wise to first consider a TOTO Washlet featured in this guide. When it comes to bidets, TOTO is the leader of the pack and the most likely to satisfy your needs. Other popular brands that are worth a look include Kohler, Bio Bidet, and Brondell.

3. Towel Warmer

Nothing exudes class quite like a personal towel warmer. During the cold winter months, imagine how much better it’ll feel to exit your shower with a warm towel awaiting your arrival.

When choosing a towel warmer for your bathroom, a wall-mounted unit is the way to go.

A wall-mounted unit installs cleanly with no exposed wires. To use it, there’s a hidden waterproof power button usually located at the base. Lastly, the advantage of a wall-mounted towel warmer is that it both warms and dries your towels.

Beyond a wall-mounted unit, there are also freestanding models and enclosed cabinets similar to what you might find at your favorite spa.

4. Bathtub Caddy

One of the more affordable items on this list that can transform tubby time is the bathroom caddy. With a caddy, you have the ability to bring everything you need to the tub while you soak. For instance, why not watch your favorite show on your tablet while sipping a glass of your favorite red wine?

Then, take it up a notch by adding essential oils and salts to your bath water for an extra relaxing spa experience at home. Finally, if you want to get romantic with your hubby, there are trays with candle holders and charming bamboo finishes.

5. Shower Filter

Do you notice a chlorine scent when you shower? A lot of people on municipal tap water feel as though there’s too much chlorine in their water. As a result, most people use water filters to remove chlorine from their drinking water.

Have you ever thought about doing the same thing for your shower water? Well, the reason behind this is that chlorine has a drying effect, which can have a negative impact on hair and skin health. One of the benefits of using a shower filter is softer hair and skin.

If you think your tap water is drying out your hair, then give a good shower filter a try to see if it makes your water easier on your locks.


Now you have some great bathroom upgrade ideas to ponder. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, if not the most important.

The beauty of these bathroom upgrades is that they won’t cost you a fortune, and the benefits certainly outweigh the cost. Once you take your bathroom to the next level, you undoubtedly won’t be looking back. Instead, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to upgrade.

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