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Best Rustic Lighting Fixtures in India On a Budget

Rustic Lighting Fixtures in India On a Budget
Written by Shiyamala

Buying right lighting fixtures on a budget for your bathroom, dinning room, and bedroom in India are exiting and fun sometimes. Read this blog if you are looking for some awesome rustic lighting fixture ideas on a budget and types.

You want something different for your home and that’s why you are considering making some changes, but you don’t want to do a complete home renovation project. For something that is simple and easy and will change the look of any room you should try rustic lighting.

Lighting is one of the major considerations of home décor. The wrong lighting can mean a bad look no matter how much thought you put into it.

Your lighting choices are really important to giving your home that cozy, welcoming feel to it and rustic lighting is perfect for doing that.

Rustic Lighting Fixtures Ideas For New Home

Depending on the style of your home, rustic lighting can add a whole new feel to any room. With some complementary décor items, rustic lighting can bring the feel of a log cabin right into your home.

There are many different types of lighting fixtures. Rustic lighting fixtures come in a range of designs so they can easily be tailored to fit any room.

Here is a list of rustic lighting fixture ideas:

1. Wall sconce

They can be made with a cedar log or pine cones or even made of wrought iron. They are great for an entrance or hallway. They are also a great addition to a stairway providing a bit more warmth and light.

2. Chandeliers

They come in many varieties and can change the entire room with their elegance charm. You can go with very rustic, a chandelier made with cedar logs or an inverted pendant with acorns and oak leaves.

There is also choices like a faux elk antler chandelier and moose chandeliers. There are actually some very elegantly rustic chandeliers which are a bit more delicate while still giving off the warmth and feel of being rustic.

3. Vanities

There are so many fun styles with your traditional rustic with the mica glass, or you can go with the rust look. Another example is one where the lights are painted as pine cones hanging from wrought iron painted and shaped as a stick.

4. Lamps

Artist’s design really comes out in rustic lamps. There are fishing reels, faux antlers, and big chunk of mesquite wood with a copper bear shade. Table lamps made from sticks or made to look like stick chairs, buckets of pinecones, wildlife pottery, porcelain lamps painted in rustic themes, or even one that looks like your old canoe.

Rustic lamps can be made with almost anything like the lamp made with the old canteens or the old boot.

5. Ceiling

From flush mount lights decorated with bears, moose, fish, pinecones and more all made of iron and burnished or black to varieties of pendant lights that can be used in rooms with taller ceilings. The pendant lighting comes in oblong shapes, chandeliers, smaller lights, inverted pendants and ceiling mounts.

Rustic lighting gives a home a lived in, warm feel. They are also very artistic in nature. They bring the elements from outside to the inside warming your home with not only light, but with genuine warmth and a down home feeling. There are so many choices that finding a rustic lighting fixture for your home is simple.

List of top 10 India lighting fixtures for bedroom and dinning room on a budget

1. Sinoman Pendant Hanging Lighting Fixture

ColourGolden Yellow
Finish TypePainted
MaterialGlass, Metal
Shade MaterialGlass
Shade ColourWhite

2. Citra Modern Round Shape Lighting Fixture

ColourWarm White
Shade MaterialStainless Steel
Light Source TypeLED
Wattage18 Watts
Voltage265 Volts

3. SPARC LIGHTS Decorative Interior Lighting Fixture

Light Source TypeLED
Warranty1 Year Warranty

4. VRCT LED Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture Lamps

Finish TypePowder Coated
Weight450 Grams
Shade MaterialAcrylic

5. LuvBells Creative LED Mount Light Fixture

MaterialGlass & Metal
Shade MaterialGlass
Light Source TypeLED
Wattage30 Watts

6. VRCT Bamboo Rope Cord Hemp Dining Lighting Fixture

Weight900 Grams
Light Source TypeIncandescent
Item Dimensions LxWxH40 x 12 x 15.1 Centimeters

7. GLEAM Light Home & Kitchen Indoor Lighting Fixtures

ColourSilver & Black
Finish TypePowder Coated
Weight250 Grams
Shade MaterialCrystal

8. Aluminum Wall Sconce Lighting Fixtures

ColourWarm white
Shade MaterialGlass
Light Source TypeLED
Item Dimensions LxWxH24.5 x 10 x 8 Centimeters
Size24.5x10x8 Cm

9. BrightLyt White Globe Glass Lighting Fixtures

MaterialGlass, Metal
Shade MaterialGlass
Light Source TypeLED
Wattage12 Watts

10. Artica Wooden Warm Lighting Fixtures

Finish TypePolished
Weight400 Grams
Shade MaterialWood

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