Lilac Comforter Queen Review

From Cleopatra to a Summer Meadow!

In ancient times purple was a color which was reserved solely for royalty to wear.

It was the ultimate status symbol and if you sleep in a bed with lilac comforter queen bedding, you will feel like a pampered royalty.

This shade is a soft and restful color which will aid relaxation and restful slumber.

Feel like Cleopatra as you recline on your soft lilac comforter queen in striped Egyptian cotton.

This luxury bedding set includes a lilac striped duvet cover, 2 shams and a plain lilac comforter.

This regal bedding is also available in California king size.

The latest Ralph Lauren collection includes Flora which is a pretty lilac floral-printed comforter bedding ensemble.

The 4-piece set gives you a flower-patterned comforter, 2 plain lilac shams and a plain purple duvet cover.

If you want to feel like the Queen of the May you’ll love this very feminine set.

Even Tommy Hilfiger has been seduced by the color lilac and the Angelica range is a lilac comforter queen set featuring a delicate shade of lavender which has a damask inspired floral design in a slighter darker shade.

The set has a patterned comforter, 2 patterned shams and a plain lavender duvet cover.

From the Martha Stewart range I’ve chosen Azaria which is a lilac comforter queen bedding set inspired by lilacs and wild flowers.

The white cotton background is covered in bunches of lilacs and wild flowers, with green accents from the heart-shaped lilac leaves.

The ensemble contains the comforter, 2 shams and a duvet cover all in the same pattern.

This bedding will bring a breath of fresh air to your bedroom with its crisp white and lilac summer flower motif.

Even Tommy Bahama has included some lilac comforter queen bedding in the Grass cloth range.

The comforter, shams and duvet cover are in a rich deep shade of lilac and with such a beautiful color, no decoration is necessary.

The dark lilac comforter is a very striking bedroom accessory which looks sophisticated and streamlined.

For a retro look that will suit every extrovert you can buy purple and black zebra print bedding which includes a plain lilac comforter queen coupled with zebra print shams and zebra print duvet cover.

You can even get leopard and cheetah print bedding too!

This is the sort of thing that teenage girls who are into 50’s kitsch will love, although it may not be every parent’s first choice for their little girl’s room!

Another lilac comforter queen for girls is this one from the Seventeen Contemporary range which uses solid blocks of purple and lilac on a background of lavender to make a very trendy, modern look.

And my final offering for this lilac festival is the Rowel range which has a comforter in a paisley pattern in a very attractive mixture of deep pinks and purples which really does look fit for a queen!

If you are in love with the color lilac, you will find that almost every range includes Comfortes comforter queen bedding in lighter and darker shades which range from deepest purple through lavender to the lightest lilac-grey color.

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