Little Security Camera at an Even Nicer Price

Little Security Camera

If you’re worried about what happens in your home when you’re away, worry no more.

You can install a wireless security camera called the Cam2Life, plug it into your home network and you’re ready to view its video remotely and with no stress-inducing configuration settings.

Once you have it installed in your wireless network, you can view the camera’s images no matter where in the world you are – on a PC or even your iPhone.

No bothersome configuration problems

The Cam2Life camera totally eliminates the need to configure IP cameras the old way – setting DDNS and fixed IP address, opening port mappings on routers and doing this again every time changing the IP camera location.

Now, with the plug and play network camera from Cam2Life, accessing the camera video is as simple as making a phone call.

This little, lightweight camera can be installed just about anywhere. It has a built-in web server for managing it via a standard web browser that has full control event scheduling, motion detection and even e-mail, FTP notification.

Complete compatibility

The Cam2Life Camera is compatible with Windows Mobile and the Nokia S60 as well as the iPhone. It has a resolution of 640×40 pixels, making it easy to see what’s going on in the recorded video.

It records at 30 frames per second (FPS), which is real time, and supports enhanced MPEG Compression.

There is also dual video steaming with separate resolution/bandwidth/frame settings for PC and mobile, plus a built-in microphone for synchronized audio and a watchdog function that will prevent system failure.

One Cam2Life camera owner recently reported that the camera is worth the extra money compared to other IP cameras with similar features as it is really is plug and play with the Ethernet cable.

Totally Plug ‘n Play

I once had my house broken into twice in less than a year. You can bet I wished I had had the Cam2Life camera to show the police what the thief – or thieves – looked like.

Maybe they would have been captured and my VCR, stereo, SLR camera and flat screen TVs returned.

If you have a child that you leave with a babysitter or a Nanny or if you have hard-earned belongings, why take chances?

You can get the Cam2Life Camera for less than $200. And that’s not very much when you think of the peace of mind it can provide.

Wouldn’t you feel better?

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