5 Ways to Maintain Your Bathroom Sink in 2023

Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom is the most important and frequently-used area of your house.

It is the place which you visit often and spend a substantial time of your day for some reason or the other.

Nowadays, people also take their phones inside their bathroom to have some me-time there all alone in privacy and peace.

Therefore, it is vital for you to refresh it and to look after it now and then, to have a clean and tidy place for you to be yourself, comfortably and happily.

Similarly, the bathroom sink is a vital element in a washroom and thus needs proper attention and maintenance.

Also decorating your bathroom wallpaper is next important thing to look for.

There are various types of bathroom sinks, each has a different style, color, texture, and material, but whichever you choose, always try to keep it clean and preserved.

The fundamental practices of maintaining bathroom sink have been the same throughout, however, as times change new methods have emerged, that make it easier for you to achieve a perfectly stainless and clear bathroom sink.

Some tips and tricks can make your bathroom sink cleaning convenient and effective so that you get an ideally neat and organized bathroom that you can use with ease.

Here are the five amazing tips to maintain your bathroom sink.

1. Use Lasting Cleaning Products

It is always practical and perhaps economical to spend on one efficient cleaning product that fulfills your money’s worth at the same time, rather than buying lots of inefficient ones.

Some products claim to have antiseptic effects, making your entire bathroom sink squeaky clean within seconds, however, they are not long-lasting as within minutes they get contaminated with germs.

You should opt for the most lasting sanitation products when it comes to cleansing your sink.

You can also try your hands on the home remedies that are effective, inexpensive, and result-oriented.

It is widely known that baking sodas are beneficial in cleaning surfaces. You can use a rubbing pad to scrub the stains with a solution of baking soda and water and rinse the sink later to get the shiny, clean area.

Another home remedy that you may choose is the use of lemon juice to erase any spots available on the sink.

You may mix some borax with lemon juice, or make a solution of lemon with vinegar, to get rid of those stubborn marks and spots on your sink so it can look as good as new.

2. Keep Your Clogs Clean

To keep your bathroom sink well-maintained and tidy, you must keep the drains and clogs clean and clear.

You need to get rid of anything, any external item that is blocking the sink drain and accumulating the water in your bathroom sink.

Therefore, it is advised that you make a solution using baking soda, salt, and tartar, and pour along with some hot boiling water down the drain to make it clog-free.

Also try to look out for any hair strands, soap pieces, grease, food items, or any other solid material from clogging the pipeline of the bathroom sink to have a clear way.

3. Dump Soap Bar

A block of soap bar tends to make more mess than anything else in the bathroom.

The bar of soap is known to be extremely smudgy while the soap dish becomes extra grimy within hours of use.

This leads to your bathroom sink being smeared with sticky, soapy substance. Therefore, skipping the bar soap is the perfect solution to a dirty, disorganized bathroom.

Switch to the liquid substitute of soap while you can also use the hands-free soap dispenser to keep things neat and in order.

This way your bathroom sink and countertop area will stay tidy throughout the time.

4. Reserve Dryer Sheets under the Sink

You need to keep your bathroom sink clean and dry to have a hygienic experience every time you use it.

Therefore, it is advised that you keep a store of some cleaning wipes and reserve some dryer sheets nearby the sink.

The cleaning wipes will help to disinfect the counter and the surrounding areas of the sink, making it spotless in the process.

Moreover, the dryer sheets help to nab any excessive hair strands or other dust particles in the surrounding, making the sink and the surrounding area dry and fresh.

5. Organize Your Bathroom Counter

Organizing your bathroom counter is a crucial step in maintaining your bathroom sink.

This is a much-needed activity that you must frequently perform if you possess a small sink and less bathroom countertop space.

Allot areas to specific items on the counter, including the cosmetics, hair styling tools, and other toiletries you keep in your lavatory, to make a clutter-free bathroom sink.

This is the ideal way your bathroom sink can look neat, organized, and spacious.


In conclusion, there are several ways that you can adopt to maintain your bathroom sink.

From getting your hands on the best cleaners to organizing your bathroom counter, there are so many convenient and sanitary ways you can apply to keep your bathroom sink neat and germ-free.

You can choose the tricks and techniques according to your needs and choice, and then finalize the methods that work for you.

This way you would know what you are supposed to do every time you see your bathroom sink in a filthy state.

Sustaining your bathroom sink is a requirement that you must fulfill for a healthy lifestyle since your bathroom is the area you visit now and then, while your bathroom sink is your point of contact several times a day.

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