Make Your Home Classy and Elegant with Wallpaper


The look of a house represents the taste of its owner. We give life to a structure and turn it into a home through decorations. Wallpaper is a tool that can pack a huge visual punch. You can get wallpapers in different colors, textures, and patterns. Wallpapers are trendy and highly classy for interior decorations. Here are a few reasons you choose wallpapers and how they will take your interior look to another level.

Why Use Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper can give an elegant and contemporary look to your rooms. You can afford to look at your rooms separately and according to the owner’s taste and preference. 
  • To decorate your house more cheaply, you can use wallpapers. They are affordable so that you can change them according to your wish. 
  • Wallpapers can make an optical illusion. It makes your room look larger than it is real. You can find two-dimensional artistic pieces, but they look three-dimensional, attracting the viewers.
  • A positive factor is that it covers up the defects of a wall. So there is no need to change a defective wall and spend much money on it. You can use wallpaper which will cover the defect as well as make it much more classy and modern.
  • Many wallpapers are washable. So it is easy to wash and very useful for the children’s room.
  • The installation process of wallpapers is not messy at all. It’s just a peeling and stick process.
  • Owing to their durability and easy maintenance, as wallpapers are cheap and easy to install, they can be changed according to your wish and occasions.

Variations of Wallpaper:

There are different types of wallpaper to choose from. You’ve to just decide which one suits your room.

Flock Wallpapers:

These are classy types of wallpaper. They are artificial wallpaper nylon, fibers-ray, or polyester applied on adhesive coated surfaces. The mild embossed look gives your wall an artisan feel. It’s very useful for walls in areas with less traffic like lounge rooms, living rooms, dining areas. It’s very costly and is mainly used in luxurious houses. Flock wallpapers are not suitable for kitchens, hallways and washrooms.

Vinyl Wallpapers:

Vinyl wallpapers are a cheaper option to add colors to your wall. Printed paper coated with layered vinyl forms this type of wallpaper. It works well even in wet spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Metallic Wallpapers:

Metallic wallpapers have thin layers of metal thread woven to form wallpaper patterns. This type of wallpaper will make your space shimmer because they play with light. Their patterns look classy and give a home a modern vibe.

Mylar Wallpaper:

This is composed of a printed paper base, and on top of that, a polyester film is applied. It has a shiny appearance. The presence of the polyester film makes this wallpaper washable – that’s why, this type of wallpaper is very suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Mural wallpapers:

Mural wallpapers are large photographs stretching over an entire wall. It’s moisture-resistant and very durable. It creates a high-quality image.

Bamboo wallpaper:

This is a natural bamboo wallpaper that is handcrafted. The color and texture of bamboo wallpaper are different from roll to roll.

Lining wallpaper:

Before applying a new painting, the minor imperfections on walls should be covered. Lining wallpaper is used for this cover-up.

You can buy wallpapers that go with your pocket. Wallpapers are usually sold in rolls. The average cost per roll may vary from   $25 to $50. The average installation cost is $30 to $60 per roll. To check out excellent collections of wallpapers with an amazing price range, you can visit 1Click Wallpapers. We provide wallpapers with exclusive designs and textures to help you have a modern and elegant feel to your home’s interior.  

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