4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Peaceful and Serene

Stress can lead to problems that range from emotional issues to physical disease. Unfortunately, fast-paced lifestyles and 24-hour news cycles make it difficult to avoid being exposed to stressful situations. With that in mind, many builders and designers are creating homes that are peaceful sanctuaries where owners can relax and recharge. But you do not have to be an expert to create rooms with the same Zen-like serenity. Just take a cue from professionals and use light, art, color and soothing surfaces to create a tranquil atmosphere.

1.  Use Art to Create a Sense of Calm

There is a reason why many medical and dental centers include artwork with tranquil themes. Art evokes an emotional response in nearly everyone, and serene images can lead to a sense of calm.  The idea is just as effective in your home. When you are choosing artwork, consider how it makes you feel.  It is easy to find a variety of images designed to provide a sense of serenity or you can make your own. Sites like PosterJack.ca  offer resources for those who want to create custom images. 

2. Bring Outdoor Serenity Indoors Using Plants

Designers who provide Zen designs rely heavily on natural elements to create the positive feelings you get when you are in a peaceful outdoor setting. Plants are especially important because they not only add the soothing benefits of beauty and color, but provide health benefits. According to a recent Forbes article, scientists have confirmed that smelling and touching plants increases well-being. Simply handling plant soil can help reduce stress and anxiety. Plants improve the quality of indoor air and are natural humidifiers. A Kansas State University study found that the calming influence of plants is so powerful it can help patients heal after surgery.

3. Change to Soft and Natural Lighting

The type of light in rooms has a huge impact on the people entering them because humans connect memories to the lighting in various situations. An article in Psychology Today explains that the quality of light is important because it introduces emotional content to scenes. For instance, most of us associate harsh fluorescent lighting with dreary work settings or medical facilities. With that in mind, it is wise to exchange strong home lighting for gentler alternatives like nature-inspired, calming candle lights.  You might also use a variety of light sources in rooms to control the intensity. Combining a lamp set, floor lamp, and indirect light makes it easy to change moods. Wall-mounted lamps also offer a soft glow and create a sense of calm.

4. Choose Soothing Fabrics and Flooring

Creating a soothing atmosphere is also about feeling comfortable, so the flooring and fabrics you choose can help create a tranquil oasis. Whenever possible, opt for tactile textures like a soft wool rug, leather pouf or coverings made of faux fur. Most of us spend hours each day looking at screens, so touching these pleasant surfaces allows us to relax and connect with our senses. It feels wonderful and is very grounding. It is also important to choose flooring that is light and comfortable because it adds a sense of tranquility. Materials like parquet, wood and resin feel good to walk on and give rooms a sleek look. Use wool or cotton carpets to create a gentle “cocooning” effect.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to create a home that is tranquil and relaxing. Adding serene artwork and a variety of plants creates a feeling of serenity. You can also replace harsh lighting with gentle, natural lighting sources and fill rooms with soothing fabrics and surfaces.

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