Make Your Yard A Little Smarter With Smart Irrigation

You’ve heard of smart home devices, but have you heard of having a smart garden too? Life gets busy quickly and sometimes, you simply don’t have time to tend to your yard after a long day at work. However, much like having devices in the home that can make life easier, you can now buy smart technology to help keep your garden looking its best – even when you don’t have time. Interested? Take a look at this list of best smart home automations that can help you with your garden too!

What is smart irrigation?

First thing’s first, what is smart irrigation? To put it simply, it’s a device that will switch on and water your garden using a timer. Not only that, but smart irrigation devices also detect what the weather is like so that your garden doesn’t end up becoming sodden with water. If it’s a particularly hot day, it will also know that it needs to set off your sprinklers more often and keep your garden beautifully hydrated.

You also no longer have to worry about your sprinkler ruining your soil, as smart irrigation systems can detect what kind of soil you have and adjust it’s watering settings accordingly.

How can it benefit me and my garden?

Tending to your garden can be very time consuming and as mentioned earlier, when you’ve had a busy day sometimes you simply don’t want to head out into the garden to keep it healthy and looking good. Being able to simply use a smart device to help water your garden can save you hours per year, hours that could be spent enjoying your garden rather than tending to it.

Not only do you not have to spend hours watering your garden, but your yard will also benefit from it too. Rather than having one big load of water each day, your garden will have multiple windows where it’s receiving water. This is healthier for your plants because much like humans, they cannot consume large quantities of water in one sitting. Little and often will help your garden look and be much healthier.

Does it matter how big my garden is?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a small boxed in garden or a plethora of lavish fields, your smart irrigation device will be able to communicate with all of your sprinkler systems, meaning that once you’ve made the investment into a smart irrigation system, you won’t have to spend any more money. Not only that, with smart technology doing all of the work for you, you’re likely to be spending much less on gardeners!

Is there anything else that could help me keep my garden in check?

Of course! Smart gardening doesn’t just stop at simply watering your back yard! Take a look at these devices that will make keeping your garden looking great even easier:

Garden sensors

One problem you may be facing is plants that simply don’t look healthy, or very happy at all. Unlike humans, plants cannot let us know when they aren’t feeling right and yes, plants have feelings too! Luckily though, you could buy yourself a garden sensor that will help give you an insight into how well your plants are growing.

They work by monitoring the soil that they are in and the conditions around it. This includes the amount of light they’re getting, how much water they’re getting (your smart irrigation system will also help with that), and also the nutrients they’re pulling from the soil. Using these garden sensors can help you adjust their environment so that they can grow much healthier.

Robotic lawnmower

You may have heard of a Roomba before, and it’s essentially a robotic vacuum cleaner. Well, now you can get a robotic lawnmower too! They work using sensors that detect grass underneath them and have settings to control the length of your grass too. So, not only do you not have to mow your lawn anymore, but you’ll be saving even more money on a gardener here as well!

Solar lighting

Finally, solar lighting isn’t exactly a brand new piece of technology in our world, but investing in solar lighting for your garden will benefit you financially and help contribute towards living a greener life. You can hook up all of your devices, including solar lighting, to a hub that controls all of your devices in one handy place! Plus, you can now buy solar lighting that not only serves its purpose but looks great in your garden too.

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