Measuring Your Kitchen Space for a New Fridge

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When you are purchasing a new fridge, it’s important to make sure that the appliance will actually fit in your home and into the spot where it is going live.

That’s why we put together the below article, on how to measure up for a new fridge, in collaboration with Joe Graham & Son Ltd, leading suppliers of appliances online Luton.

Freestanding or Integrated?

When you’re buying a fridge, you’ll have to choose whether you’d like a freestanding or integrated model.

Buying the best freestanding refrigerator is a great idea as a it will go virtually anywhere in your kitchen, whereas an integrated fridge will tuck away into your kitchen units.

Freestanding or Integrated

Measuring Your Kitchen for a Freestanding Fridge

If you are looking to purchase a freestanding fridge, all you’ll need to do is measure the space where your new fridge will go. You’ll need the height, width and depth.

Should you be planning to fit your new freestanding fridge in between your kitchen cabinets, measure the space at its thinnest point to get an accurate measurement.

It’s important to remember to leave a space of around 2cm above and behind your fridge, to ensure that it has enough space for ventilation and to keep it running smoothly.

Give the Fridge Doors Enough Clearance

Once you are sure there is enough room for your fridge to fit into place, it’s important to make sure that you’ll be able to open the fridge doors. If your new fridge has drawers, you need to check that the hinge isn’t too close to the wall, so that the hinge and the wall don’t make contact every time you reach in!

Give the Fridge Doors Enough Clearance

Measuring Your Kitchen for an Integrated Fridge

Integrated fridges will typically have a width and depth of 55cm, however it is still a good idea to double check the measurements of the particular fridge you have in mind.

Most importantly, take the time to measure the height of your space, as this is likely to vary much more from model to model.

Should you be looking to purchase an integrated under-counter fridge, you’ll need to take the time to measure the width of the space you’ve planning to put the fridge in. The height and depth will likely be a standard 82cm and 55cm. However, again it’s a good idea to check the specifications of your new fridge before you purchase it, to be sure it’ll fit.

Again with integrated fridges, you’ll want to ensure that your new fridge has breathing room of 2cm both above and below the appliance to keep it running at its best.

Check Your Hinges

To make sure that your new integrated fridge will fit properly into the space you have in mind and will work well with your existing cabinet doors, you’ll need to check what hinges your existing fridge has.

Your existing fridge will either have a door on door hinge or a sliding hinge. Simply make sure that your new model matches this.

Remember: Plan Your Route

Measuring Your Kitchen Space

Whether you’ve bought a freestanding or integrated fridge freezer, it is important to remember to plan your route from your front door, through to your kitchen.

This will include measuring the space between any corners, doorways and your kitchen island if you have one.

This will allow you to remove any obstacles well in advance of your fridge being delivered.

In some cases, you may find that it is easier to take some internal doors off their hinges to fit the fridge through better.

Now you’ve measured up, you can purchase your new fridge in the peace of mind that it will fit perfectly in your planned space! The process will take a matter of moments and it will space you a huge amount of stress in the long run!

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