Merits and Demerits of Parquet Flooring

pros and cons of parquet flooring

Check this blog till end to know more about pros and cons of having parquet flooring for your home. Some people find this extremely helpful and somebody are not.

Homes and offices including various types of apartments are built and made to look nice, cozy and attractive. Ever since lots of decades ago and even now, buildings of different types of sizes, dimensions and designs have been floored with different types of flooring which is appealing to the dwellers and owners.

Floors of building are seen as one of the first set of interior design every house must have before the amazing addition of any curtain or shelves. The floor must also be durable and of good quality. Parquet is one of the most popular kind of flooring used for homes and offices at this time.

It is made of wood grains selected and placed together to make good and attractive patterns as home floors. With lots of noise and popularity the parquet flooring has amassed especially from home and interior décor magazines. In this article, I will discuss to details, the merits and demerits of the floor parquet.

Merits of Parquet Flooring

Find few advantages of parquet flooring for your home

1. Attractive and Appealing

Looking for amazing flooring which gives extra beauty to your home and office, the parquet flooring is perfect for you. This type of flooring gives unique and very appealing kind of appearance that is loved by all because of the various lovely patterns.

2. Easy to Clean

The parquet flooring is very easy to clean. If you have got kids that makes all the place dirty with all kinds of shits, then you need to consider a parquet flooring because a simple wiping off is enough to make it clean and good. It also have the advantage of not absorbing odors.

3. Durability

The parquet flooring is very durable as you will never notice wear and tears on its surface for years. This is due to the hard wood used to make it. It’s a very strong alternative and last for up to 50 years.

4. Free From Allergy

We are not unaware of the disadvantages of rugs and carpets which include harboring dusts, dirt and allergens. The parquet flooring does not harbor any of such and it’s great for families with kids that are mostly affected by allergens.

5. Inexpensive

The parquet flooring is gives a lot of choice as regards the type of wood to be used, type of pattern and even type of finish to be used. This choice makes low budget possible and also allows people to have a parquet of their budget.

Demerits of Parquet Flooring

Find few disadvantages of having parquet flooring

1. Damaged by Moisture

The parquet flooring can be damaged by moisture and humidity. This is because it is made of wood. You must keep your moisture and humidity low while also keeping the parquet floor dry to prevent your floor from damage.

2. Maintenance

Despite the durability, the parquet flooring must be maintained by resealing, sanding and also polishing the tiles for it to remain beautiful and appealing.

Top 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Parquet Flooring

Pros of Parquet FlooringCons of Parquet Flooring
Attractive and AppealingDamaged by Moisture
Easy to CleanMaintenance
Free From Allergy

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