Missing The Movie Theater? Plan A Movie Night At Home Now!

If you’re missing your weekly trip to the cinema, you’re not alone. The global health crisis has put a serious dent in visiting the movies with friends or families, and some theaters haven’t managed to survive, closing their doors permanently.

DIY Movie Night

This is really bad news for both the entertainment industry and for families who love movie nights at their local theater, but for families wanting to get that authentic movie experience, there has been a rise in do-it-yourself movie nights to fill the gap.

So, what do you need for an at-home movie night? In truth, you don’t need anything special, but there are definitely a few things you can do to make the experience more special for you and your family.

Here are four things you can do to improve your at-home movie night and make it a night to remember. You might even turn it into a new family tradition.

Make Your Own Popcorn

Movie night is not complete without popcorn, but did you know that popcorn is actually really easy to make at home on your own? All you really need is a stove with a lid, some oil, salt, corn kernels, and some salt, and you’ll have as good as movie theatre popcorn in no time!

If you’re up for trying some more interesting flavors, this article has 15 different flavored popcorn recipes to try!

As it’s your movie night, don’t just stop at popcorn either; add in a load of other snacks to really make a night of it!

Set Up Your TV Area

The most important part of your movie night is your screen. There are lots of options you can go with here, from a simple TV screen to a projector on a wall (or bed sheet). With a projector, you might even have the opportunity to move your movie night outside if your neighbors don’t mind and the weather holds up.

If you’re feeling particularly lavish, why not have a look at the home theater options from a company like Media Controlled? This is a great option for families who really enjoy movie nights together.

Turn Down The Lights

Movie night isn’t the same if your house is lit up like Santa’s Grotto. Dim the lights or turn them out for an authentic experience. If you want to make it more homely, why not go for some nice scented candles to set the mood? You can get real scented candles or buy fake candles if you have children around.

Make Yourself Comfy

At a traditional movie theater, you can’t really get comfy. Sure, some theaters have big comfy seats, but you can’t put your feet up, and it’s not considered proper to take your own blanket!

Luckily for you, this is your at-home movie night, so grab the pillows, the blankets, the pajamas, snuggle up on the couch, or wrap up on the floor surrounded by all of your snacks and make yourself comfortable!

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