Top Modern, Energy-Efficient Features for Your Condo in 2022


The condo industry is thriving and all homebuyers, designers, and manufacturers are looking for modern and affordable projects.

Apart from the construction cost, energy consumption has also become an important factor when buying or renting a condo.

That’s why many customers pay attention to the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of condos when buying condo assignments. In fact, they don’t want to face a huge energy bill when the condo is constructed and after the occupation date.

Also, improving the energy efficiency of condos is one of the priorities of many renovation projects. Many families have found out that investing a bit in the energy efficiency of their condo can significantly reduce their bills.

If you want to know what items can improve the energy efficiency of a condo, you have to look at the list below.

Local Building Materials

Building materials have a significant impact on the thermal performance of the building and therefore on its energy consumption.

Of course, the higher the thermal insulation building materials have, the more expensive they will be.

That’s exactly where you have to make a meticulous trade-off to reach an optimum material selection for your condo.

An important matter regarding energy-efficiency of building materials is the energy that’s consumed for transportation. If you choose a material that’s not manufactured in your region, you’re burning lots of fossil fuels for building your condo. Of course, you have to pay money for that, but the environmental impact of your choice is irreversible.

That’s why experts and policy makers have recommended locally sourced material. This way, you’re saving both your money and the environment.

LED Lightbulbs

Lighting is another energy-consuming part of your condo and is responsible for almost 10 percent of your annual energy bills. Thanks to brand new technologies, you can stop using traditional light bulbs.

Eco-friendly LED light bulbs are here to stay and can reduce your electricity bills as well as the environmental issus.

Here are some benefits of using LED lightbulbs:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Eco-friendly
  • Working in various conditions including lower temperatures
  • Less heat emission
  • More beautiful designs

LEED Certification

Thhis one is not a thing you can buy. You have to desing and manufacture a condo building that abides by the the rating system of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

LEED certification is the leading standard for green buildings. If you can earn it for your building, its market value will drastically increase.

Almost 88,000 building shave been able to get LEED certification and this number is constantly increasing.

This shows that the attentions have been drawn to the concept of eco-friendly buildings.

There are various levels of LEED certifications:

  • Certified (40–49 points)
  • Silver (50–59 points)
  • Gold (60–79 points)
  • Platinum (80+ points)

Green Roofs

One of the eco-friendly trends in the condo industry is green roofs. Green roofs, also known as roof gardens, not only make your building pleasing, they can also improve the energy efficiency of your condominium.

The idea is really simple and perhaps ancient. You have to using vegetation on your roof and also inyou balconi or wherever you can.

This way, plants will reduce air pollution and absorb stormwater runoff. You can in fact kill two birds with a single stone.

First, you can make more fresh air around your building and enjoy the evening. Second, you can create extra shade for your roof and reduce temperatures of the condo’s roof surface and also surrounding air. This way, you’ll reduce your energy cost and increase the residents’ thermal comfort.

Solar Heat and Power

There are 7 types of renewable energy sources:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Biomass
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal

At the moment, solar energy is the only renewable energy that can be used by homeowners. Thanks to the photovoltaic phenomenon and solar cells, you can easily generate green electricity at your home.

Apart from PV panels, you can use solar energy to heat up water and reduce your energy bills. Solar water heaters are becoming a normal item in modern buildings. Of course, you have to think of a good design to use your roof for both roof garden and PV panels.

Smart Technologies

Smart homes are also another trend in the real estate industry. It seems that many homebuyers and also manufacturer are shifting towards smart homes.

In a smart home, homeowners can control all the appliances, thermostats, lightbulbs, and other devices using their smartphones.

In fact, all your homes devices will be connected through wi-fi and can controlled so that you live at the most comfortable and efficient state.

It has been proved that a significant amount of energy saving can be reached using smart technologies.


The attitudes of people around the world, especially in advanced countries, have shifted towards energy-efficient condos. If you live in an eco-friendly condo, you’re heling the natural environment and save it from pollution. Moreover, your energy bills in an energy-efficient condo will be significantly lower compared with old-fashioned buildings.

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