10 Modern Remodeling Ideas for your Home

home remodeling ideas

Remodeling your home is always a fun and exciting part of being a homeowner; but with all the choices, themes, and inspirations online, how do you get your home design to look fluid and uniform? While you may be scrambling to bring your design ideas to life, take a breather and look at the bigger picture whether your designs look consistent for a modern home.

Remodeling and renovations are great for homes that have outdated designs, or if you simply want to upgrade your rooms to fit the current trends. Remodeling can be as simple as adding accents in your room, or as complicated as constructing new fixtures like skylights and wall textures. Grab your budget and your ideas – let’s get remodeling with Havendesignbuild experts

Should I DIY or Hire Professionals?

Home remodeling isn’t easy- there’s so much to do, and remodeling will take some time. Be sure you have a schedule on hand to have a concrete plan on how you’ll go about remodeling your home. Take into account the scope of redecorating you’ll be taking on, and whether you decide to go the DIY route or leave it to the professionals.

We recommend hiring professional contractors from archly.ie if you’re going to do any extensive remodeling that requires construction know-how, professionals will be able to do the job perfectly. Otherwise, painting and redecorating with furniture can be done the DIY way to save up on costs and construction mess.

Here are 10 ideas on remodeling that will get that old house of yours into the 21st century! Some ideas can easily be done with a few tools and furniture, while others may require professional renovators to do. Either way, these ideas make your home look new:

Top 10 Modern Remodelling Ideas for your Home

1. Theme your remodelling

While you may be excited to redecorate every room in your house, you’ll need to step back and see if the theme you’ve chosen works together as a whole. Some homeowners may want different themes per room, but having one unified theme creates a sense of fluidity around the house. This makes your home look bigger and well-put together.

2. Have a complementary palette ready

A complementary palette has shades and paint colours that work well together to form an aesthetically-pleasing paint set that you can use in the different areas of your home. By preparing a palette beforehand, you eliminate the clashing of paints in each room, and minimize the waste of buying the wrong shade of paint for your house.

3. Add plants to liven up your living space

An easy way to bring life into your home, adding plants and foliage brightens up your home. Both natural and artificial plants can tie a space together, especially when used as accents for wooden, concrete, or natural stone materials. Place plants in your living room, library, and even bathroom to create a calming yet lively environment.

4. Use rugs instead of carpeting for accented floors

Carpeted flooring may provide a soft underfoot feeling, but they can be expensive to apply to the entire floorspace, and they are a hassle to deep clean. Rugs provide the same soft underfoot without the hassles of cleaning or installation, and come in a variety of colors and textures suitable for any home design!

5. Natural stone countertops work for any design

Natural stones, like marble, slate, and granite, work for almost any type of home design due to its natural yet sleek aesthetic. Accent your kitchen with a natural stone island, or get a natural stone coffee table for your living room den. Even bathroom countertops made of natural stone can work well when properly maintained. 

6. Hire an interior designer for creativity

If you’re still confused about your home design and remodelling, an interior designer will be able to conceptualize a creative and modern space for you. Interior designers should be updated with the current trends, and have the connections to get specific pieces of furniture for you – sometimes at a lowered cost!

7. Make use of empty spaces

Empty spaces can give you a breather in a filled room, but they can also make your room design look like it’s lacking. Decide whether you want to utilize your empty spaces, or if you want to leave them as is. You can conveniently add minimalistic and functional furniture to optimize your space to its maximum potential.

8. Bring in the natural light

Natural light brightens up the room and keeps you productive throughout the day, especially if you work from home or as you go about your chores. If you have small and scarce windows, you may benefit from having these expanded to full windows to draw in more light. Skylights can also bring in light, and curtains can dim the windows if the sunlight gets too harsh. Learn about the difference between skylights vs solar tubes on this Clear-Vue Skylights blog.

9. Section off a personal recreational space

As part of your mental health routine, create yourself a personal space for your recreational activities – whether you like painting, yoga, dancing, or any other activity that you enjoy. It is important for everyone to take time doing what they love, and take their minds off the stressors in life like work, relationships, and responsibilities.

10. Organize with organizer baskets and containers

A popular trend across social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok, organizing is a huge thing now, and organizer baskets are becoming more mainstream. Your kitchen pantry, the laundry area, and your bathroom essentials all look much better when organized, and separately labelled containers make it easy to locate the things you need.

Making a House a Home

Overall, while modern design trends may be the in thing now, what’s important is that you get to design your home the way you want it. Be comfortable with your living space, and include designs that speak out to you and show off your personality! 

When working on your home design, don’t just blindly follow what you see in Pinterest and assume that it will work for your home. Turn your house into a home by placing a bit of your personality in each and every one of the areas in your home to fully feel like you’re home!

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