Want To Monitor Your Business 24/7? Make It Your Home By Following These 3 Guidelines

Live Monitoring and Testing

In today’s world, competition is very rigid and the dynamics of the business world has shifted many miles from where it once was. The quality and availability of your business and customer service have become more and more of an important factor.

How available you are to customers is now of the essence and once customers, both old and new, feel like you won’t be there for them or you are no longer there for them like you used to, they will withdraw their patronage.

However, many businesses are still in the dark and they have not woken up to this reality. Many of them still think they are afloat when really, they are dying of slow deaths.

24/7 availability is an increasingly important factor in determining that sort of review customers leave you with and what sort of support or comment they leave you with online.

In recent research carried out in the UK, it was found that even in the face of the prevailing financial climate, only about 22% of consumers value price over service and as many as 38% of consumers admit to the fact that they never contact their suppliers and those that do not get in contact very often.

Have someone to always listen to your customers

People like it when they are listened to and they even love it all the more when their voices affect changes that are way beyond them. By having someone to listen to customers 24/7 it is as though you are available to people all day long, even when you sleep. This is like you running an around-the-clock kind of business and people totally live this.

Listen to your customers by social listening. Ask questions such as: are these interchanges related to the corporation’s intentions and purposes or are they associated to certain areas of concern such as buyer attrition?

This is where analytics come into play for the contact centre. Speech analytics observes calls that are pertinent for examination and text analytics identifies email and chat interchanges that should be surveyed.

Live Monitoring and Testing

There are many performance monitoring companies out there such as Digivante and they are digital platforms whose objectives are to help businesses assess and evaluate their performance through a myriad of specific measures and standards.

This kind of solution is perfect or tailor-made for individuals or companies who want to highlight the performance of their business through the success and growth of things like their website conversions in order to boost their sales.

Using such strategies, there will be a mixture of a range of performance monitoring procedures and of course, these methods will be unique to your business and totally distinct from the performance metrics of another. These metrics include testing issues within your website prior to its takeoff.

Additionally, the software can also run performance and optimization testing which can assist to find the facets of your website making it underperform, and live monitoring, which can help you to track and trace daily coverage of your website’s performance and conversions.


A very good way to find out if your business is moving at the pace you need it to move or for you to just keep an eye on your business is through direct feedback from the very individuals who know and run your business. These are the ones that know your business best – maybe more than you do a lot of times.

By getting the response or some sort of examination from this community of customers, you will always be furnished with firsthand data on your online space, customer experience, and every other factor and aspect of your business. This is one aspect you should never fiddle with. If you are going to be conscious of what is happening in your company, networks and systems should be put in place to make this happen every now and then. Not only this but hearing promptly from buyers what they would like altered can help you to enhance your company in ways that you know will appeal to your clientele.

You can get more surveys or feedback by creating some sort of review page on your website, giving out inducements for this feedback, and asking for reviews from previous customers in follow-up emails.

Analytics Tools

analytics tools

These tools are digital software applications that are capable of helping you to automate the tracking of the execution of your business. These software and tools are usually concentrated on certain aspects of your business, such as the cash flow, and they can also adequately and gather data from different sources and give you a detailed analysis of your business based on the information they’ve gathered.

There are countless business owners that not just follow up with their businesses through this means, but they also predict the move or success of their businesses in the near future and far future. Analytics tools can also include devices such as spreadsheets, which often have statistical functions that can give you an insight into the performance of your business. All these can be done through the comfort of your computer and you don’t need to be physically present or anywhere near your business to monitor these things.

What’s more, you have access to them 24/7 so you can always log into these tools and have an idea of what going on without having to call anyone or do anything extra.

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Monitoring company performance is important to I’m expanding and improving your business processes, finding the drawbacks of your business, and formulating active targets that can help to motivate development within your company. This is a significant aspect of your company and you should never take it for granted.

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