Moving House – The Full Checklist

Moving House

Moving house is up there with one of the most stressful things a person can go through, between packing a lifetime’s worth of stuff, organizing moving vans and other transport, and then all the other admin that you may not have even thought about yet. To try to reduce this stress, Marcelo’s Movers provideshome moving services to assist you with your move.

We will cover all of the important tasks that you will need to complete for your move, to help you get underway.

If you have found your new dream home and the offer has been accepted it is time to get started with our checklist. A straightforward move can take up to 8 weeks, however, it can be longer depending on different things. Each move is different so be kind to yourself and go with the flow.

Research & Surveys

First things first you will need to get yourself a conveyancing solicitor, then you will need to cosider choosing a mortgage and then follow that route. You may also want to look into an estate agent to sell your existing property, research your new area, transfer your children into their new school, get insurance for your most valuable possessions and you may also want to think about buying a diary or a journal to keep any important dates safe and of course any important files too.

Now you know when you are moving it is important to go through and have a good clear out of your home to make the move a lot easier. It will also save you money on your removals and make the unpacking process even easier. We would recommend getting a home surveyor in to make a full inventory of your possessions.

You will then want to choose a removal company to work with. You can research this online or get recommendations from friends too. Consider hiring a removalist from Melbourne that have a team of professionals who can efficiently take care of your moving needs. One last thing we would recommend is checking on-road parking before the move, as this will keep you prepared and reduce the stress.

Signing Contracts & Packing

Speak to your solicitor about exchanging contracts as this will help you to finalise your moving date. You will then be able to implement the research you have done in the previous stage and book your removal company. If you need storage facilities your removal company should be able to help you with this. You will also need to think about cleaning your house before the move to make whoever is moving in next an easy transition.

You can start packing up any non essential items and items in the rooms you use least, and then move on from there. Now is the time that you will want to think about switching any utilities and home insurance to your new house. Last things last you can then check that your car will hold all of these items.

The Move

FINALLY, the moment you have been waiting for, the move. Confirm the time with your removal company, check if you have enough medication for the moving period as a lot of people forget this and arrange pet and child care for the moving day as this will take away a lot of stress too.


During your move we would highly recommend keeping all of your important documents together in a safe yet accessible place. Finish as much of the packing as you can and make sure you do this systematically, don’t forget about any of your belongings outside too.

Gather all of the keys to your home and any that you may have given to friends and family, sort out your mail redirection service, defrost your fridge and freezer, return any borrowed items to neighbours such as books, tools or movies.

Give away any plants that you are unable to take with you, wash and dry all the clothes you can to make unpacking easier. Finally send out change of address cards to friends and family. Then last but not least, book to pick up your new keys from the Estate Agent.

New Beginnings

Walk around your home for a final check, pack a bag for a night in case your staying in a hotel for a night or two, keep a little tool kit ready as well in case of emergencies and to build any furniture you feel you can make on your own. It goes without saying, keep the keys to your new house safe and ensure your mobile is fully charged. If you are arranging help from friends and family on moving day, confirm the details with them and ensure they have your new address. 

Record all utility meter readings for water, electricity and gas. We recommend taking a photo of the meters with your mobile phone. It may be worth comparing companies to get a better deal. Always ensure that one person stays until your movers have finished packing to check the packing inventory, you will have to sign a confirmation to say everything has been accounted for.

As a side note please ensure that copies of contact details for your conveyancer, estate agent and removal company are on hand too.

New Home

Get the kettle and the cups ready to celebrate finally being in your new home. Confirm what is going where with your removal company and ensure you have a person at the new property to guide removal staff. Take all the utility meter readings at your new home, inspect the garden and sweep for items, if the previous owner has left anything pop it in a box and arrange for them to collect it later.

Do a quick tidy, plug in all of your telephones and larger appliances, set up the boiler and the heating and make a note of any emergency contact numbers you may need in the area this could include doctors, vets, taxis and more.

Save Money on Entire House Removals

Actually, there are plenty of ways on how you can save huge amount of money without risking the security and safety of your things. You can try to pack all your things. This is a huge saving, instead of hiring the moving company to pack all your things, pack it yourself.

This can lessen the cost of the services. You can just hire them to transport all your things. But, packing is not a very east task to make, because there are certain materials and tools you need to have to make sure that all your valuable things are packed securely and safety inside the boxes.

You need to research for right packing materials you need for your move. You can do an online search if you need different ideas on how you can pack all your things safely inside the boxes. Movers are always there to help you with all your moving needs, but it can be a bit expensive to hire their full services.

If you are just concerned on the safety of your things, you can just let the company do all the work, but if you are concern about the cost of your services. Packing yourself is an obvious choice, but there are growing population of moving companies offering this kind of service and other services such as self-storage.

Storage services are vital for families who are moving from far places. Removals and storage are important services when you are moving from one place to another. These two services must not be neglected by homeowners, if they want to secure the safety of their valuable things.

Most storage company is also a moving company. This is the main reason why you need to ensure that you are hiring the right house removals in Sheffield. Make sure that the company is also offering storage services to people. They will store your valuable things in a secured area with advance security system.

If you are moving from a very far places, your things will not arrive at the same day and during the night your things should be stored in a safe place away from burglars. Hiring the right removal company will reduce all the cost. Trusted and professional moving and storage will save you from companies who are putting hidden charges right after the services.

These companies will put hidden charges on your services. This is the main reason why some people are paying hefty price for their move. Right before you make any move, you need to know the exact price of all the services you want. You need to ensure that this price is the same cost you will pay right after the service. If there are any changes about the price, you have all the right to ask for an explanation.

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