Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Types Advantages and Disadvantages

natural wood kitchen cabinets types advantages and disadvantages

If you love wood cabinets but don’t know much about them, this article is for you. In our quest to find out whether or not wood cabinets are trending, we uncovered enlightening information that we decided you must find out. 

In this review article on natural wood kitchen cabinets, we have explained everything you need to know about wood-based cabinets, including their different types and immense advantages. 

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Types of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinets are types of cabinets manufactured directly from natural hardwood. At times, they are referred to as natural cabinets, thanks to the fact that the source of their material is the natural environment. 

Just like hardwoods exist in different types, natural wood kitchen cabinets exist in different types or varieties. They include the following; 

  1. Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak cabinets, seemingly the most outstanding varieties of natural wood kitchen cabinets, can be classified into two major distinct varieties; that is, white and red oak cabinets. All these varieties boast notoriety for strength, thanks to the fact that all species of oak hardwood are as strong as any other stronger type of hardwood. 

You can choose either red or white oak cabinets based on among other factors, the visual appearance of your pantry and your interior design preferences. All these drawer designs can look perfect in both traditional and modern interiors. 

  1. Maple Kitchen Cabinets

As far as natural wood cabinet trends are concerned, maple kitchen cabinets are a classic variety of natural cabinets. Thanks to their rough-grained finishing options, these drawers are tough against tear and wear and are easier to take care of. Whether it’s about cleaning or painting them, maintaining maple drawers is as easy as ABC, thanks to the fact that they are less difficult to show dirt and are perfect at absorbing paint. 

  1. Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets

When unpainted, cabinets engineered from mahogany are highlighted by deep red-brown finishes that make them seem more old-school than modern. These kitchen drawers are as exceptionally strong and tough against bending as mahogany, the hardwood defining their material components. In terms of compatibility with both traditional and modern kitchen designs, mahogany cabinets are as practical as any natural wood kitchen cabinets

  1. Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Although not as common as maple and oak kitchen cabinets, hickory kitchen cabinets are defined by all the properties of natural wood cabinets. Whereas their lifetime can be unlimited, based on how you use them, hickory cabinets can rhyme with all interior design aesthetics and feature variability in terms of design and styling elements. Besides, they are convenient in terms of access, which is typical of any natural wood cupboard design. –Benefits of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Besides impacting our natural environment positively, natural wood kitchen cabinets are beneficial in numerous aspects. The notable benefits of buying them include; 

#4: Ease of Access

If you try to search for natural wood cabinets online or offline, you will discover that they are easily accessible. Thanks to the fact that their material is natural, manufacturing them is easier compared to laminate or metallic cabinets. In this regard, natural cabinets are always available in multiplicity, as far as their versatile attribute is concerned, in online and land-based furniture stores. 

#3: Convenience in Usage

From ancient to the most recent varieties, natural wood cabinets are convenient to use. Since they are more often simple-looking in terms of visual decorative attributes, natural cabinets more often require minimal ornamentation. As long as you match them with the needed colors and materials, they can stun you with the outlook they can instill into your cookhouse. 

#2: Unlimited Options to Choose From

As you have realized, natural wood kitchen cabinets exist in more than one design variety. From oak to maple, hickory, and mahogany cabinets, there are lots of design options for you if you decide to go for natural wood cabinet designs. All these designs feature design differences, each of which makes them distinctive. To determine the types of natural wood cabinets to choose from, you need to be aware of your preferences as far as cabinet material features are concerned. 

#1: Recyclability Potential

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are not only friendly to the environment based on the fact that their material is naturally sourced but also because they can be recycled. Considering how climate change has made everyone shift to recyclable materials in interior design, cabinets made of wood are standing out as attractive. 

Rather than discard wood-based cabinets after using them for a long time, you can easily outfit them and put them to another good use, which is unlike if you had any type of artificial cabinets. 

Disadvantages of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Whereas they are all about positivity in terms of characteristics, natural wood cabinets can at times disappoint you, thanks to some flaws and attributes which are only typical to them. These include the following; 

  • Vulnerability to Damage by Wetting 

 Thanks to their material, natural wood kitchen cabinets can easily be damaged when soaked with water for a long time. If you constantly wet their surfaces, these drawers can rot awkwardly before portraying peeled-off surfaces. 

However, if you paint and coat them with anti-rot chemicals or stains, you can make them more resilient against damage courtesy of wetting. Besides leveraging paint and anti-rot coats, you can also ensure to keep the surfaces of wood cabinets dry at all times as a strategy for enhancing their lifespan. 

  • Classic Background

The fact that natural cabinets stem from classic fashion at times makes them unattractive to modern homeowners. If you are a modern homeowner, you are more likely to find the alluring luster that defines the surfaces of artificial surfaces more attractive than the coarse finishes of wood cabinets. Natural wood kitchen cabinets, however, are strong and exceptionally anti-ageing compared to the tens of artificial cabinets you may be attracted to. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what your scullery looks like, you can fix inside it, any type of natural wood cabinets. Natural wood cabinets can match the interiors of all kinds of kitchens. They are easy to find and use, as well as versatile. If you decide to make natural wood kitchen cabinets your go-to cabinet design, chances are high that you will never lose options to choose from as fashion changes with time. 

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