Bedroom Ideas: Necessary Accessories for the Bedroom

Whether you have a partner or not, most people have a firm idea about what they want for their bedroom in the way of decoration, soft furnishings, lighting etc. But in this article we look at the guest room. The room that you’ll have ready for when a friend drops over and has too much drink to drive home, or you are visited by one of your sons or daughters who have left the nest but are back in the vicinity, or for people coming to stay at holidays such as Christmas.

The good thing is that your guests will not expect something akin to staying at the Ritz Hotel; no massive four-poster beds with en-suite facilities and gold taps. However, it would be nice to have your guest room spruced up so that it’s not just a fold-up bed in a spare room with a towel on a chair!

The guest room is still a room in your house, and it’s likely that your guest will be spending some time in the room- well, at least a night! So why not make the effort and turn it into something that they will remember and comment on?

Dressing Table

First off, it’s likely that the spare bedroom will be small. Consequently, don’t cram bedside cabinets, a desk and chair, a wardrobe, a dressing table and everything but the kitchen sink in it. No-one likes to feel cramped in a bedroom. One original way of having a chair and a sit-up-in-bed pillow is to buy a body pillow. They are not just for pregnancies. Your guests can use it as a makeshift couch during the day and snuggle up with it while they sleep. Failing that just make sure there are at least put extra pillows on the bed. It makes guests feel that you are wanting to make them comfortable and warm and welcome.

Bedside Cabinet

If you haven’t got enough room for a bedside cabinet, a chest of drawers or a dressing table, then why not have a bedroom tray for the guest to put his or her jewellery, watch, rings, coins, and bits and bobs in? A quality tray made of a nice wood and with some felt or material padding the bottom will be ideal for them to use and then slip under the bed, or to the side of it, when they are ready for bed. You can choose one to fit the style of the room, be it ultra-modern, or antique.

Bed Sheet and Curtains

As for the decoration and soft furnishings for the room, it’s always best to go for neutral plainer pastel colours, or white, for the ceiling, skirting boards, windows and walls. Then you can buy two sets of contrasting sets of bedding and curtains, depending on who is coming to stay. It’s a lot cheaper and quicker to have two sets of bedroom soft furnishings than have to redecorate a room! I suggest that the two sets be one for a man or son, and one for a lady or daughter.  Each should have a duvet, pillow cases, bed sheet, curtains, perhaps a matching table lampshade, and a cushion or two. One set, for a male guest, doesn’t have to be plain and boring, but the design of any pattern should be more angular, and the colours black, white, grey, chocolate or light green. The set of bedroom soft furnishings can be more colourful, pastel pinks with deep reds, or flower patters in lemon and blue.

Modern Portable Wardrobes

Finally, assuming you haven’t got a wardrobe in situ, then get a portable one. Make sure that you guest leaves his or heavy overcoats on a hall peg, so as not to break or unbalance the portable wardrobe. Modern portable wardrobes are bright, easy-to assemble and take down, and do a great job of keeping guests’ clothes free from dust. If you are looking for more bedroom accessories, why not shop online?

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