8 Cheap Outdoor Fireplace Ideas on a Budget in 2023

cheap fireplace ideas on a budet

Looking for most amazing outdoor fireplace ideas for 2023? We have curated 8 awesome backyard fire pit or fireplace ideas and trends for you.

7th outdoor fireplace idea is my favorite one. Do check out 🙂

As the warm weather starts to settle in we find ourselves spending more and more time relaxing in the garden with our family and friends.

Sitting in the sun and enjoying some card games is something that everybody loves to do and with no clouds overhead, this fun can last late into the evenings.

Unfortunately, when that sun finally disappears so does the heat. We now have two options.

Running inside to grab extra layers for everyone or just starting a comforting outdoor fire for everyone to enjoy.

Which option would you choose?

Throughout this blog we will be taking you on a tour of all the outdoor fireplace options available to you, assisting you in finding your dream fireplace.

Top 8 Amazing Cheap Outdoor Fireplace Ideas On a Budget

1. The Most Beautiful Brick Fireplace

outdoor fireplace ideas brick fire pit
Brick Fireplace – Outdoor Fireplace Idea No 1

Creating the most incredible garden hideaway has now become easier than ever.

Bricks offer a great solution for the construction of an outdoor fireplace as they are both affordable and stylish.

You can even paint these bricks to match the rest of your garden furniture.

The key benefit of choosing a brick fireplace is you are able to add this to any area within your garden with next to no limitations.

2. Rustic In-Ground Fire Pit

Not all outdoor fires have to be built above ground, this fire pit is the perfect example of this.

It’s as simple as using a small hole in your patio to create a toasty fire that we keep everyone’s feet warm all night long.

The In-groud fire pit is notoriously easy to maintain and is perfectly designed to toast marshmallows over to create delicious smores.

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3. Immaculate Poolside Fire Pit

For those who have a crystal clear swimming pool sitting within the back garden, you may want to think about the idea of having a poolside firepit available to keep everyone nice and warm from the moment they step out of the pool.

Choosing gas as your fuel source enables you to start a relaxing fire in a matter of seconds with no preparation needed.

4. Stunning Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

With the weather being so unpredictable it’s nice to have the certainty where you have a place to relax whatever the weather.

Simply transform your outdoor gazebo into a cosy environment with a brilliant fireplace. Keeping you and your family regardless of what the weather throws at you.

5. Simple Yet Stylish Connected Fireplace

Connecting an outdoor fireplace to your home enables you to relax outside whilst only meters away from the kitchen.

By integrating an outdoor fireplace to a chimley will help extract all the smoke and ash from your space from relaxing providing you with clean and comfortable warmth when you need it most.

The perfect option for accommodating for friends and family, the connected fireplace is definitely the option for you.

6. Spectacular Contemporary Fireplace

As the years pass by we see an increasing number of people turn towards modern and contemporary outdoor fireplaces.

The reason for this is that they offer a jaw-dropping overall design that complements any outdoor furniture.

Using prestigious marble or limestone to surround the fireplace creates a level of elegance which takes your outdoor space to the next level.

7. Sensational Stone Fireplace

There is just something so special about employing natural materials and reusing them for a new purpose.

Stone is easily the best material to conduct an outdoor fireplace our of due its durability and sustainability. 

Create that traditional fireplace feels in your garden with a collection of old stones and locally foraged firewood.

8. Home Made Fireplace

Creating an outdoor fireplace will be one of the most enjoyable DIY projects of your life.

It’s just as simple as going out and soucing your desired materials and you can build a love new fireplace in your garden in a matter of no time.

If you are looking to build a fireplace in Harrogate we would recommend that you find builders, merchant, in Harrogate and source all your materials from there.

This will ensure that you never have to travel to far if you’re missing material and you can get some great advice with the construction process.

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  • I like how you talked about contemporary fireplaces and all the different options you have when you install one. Having a modern house interior always made me wonder if a style like this can be extended out into the backyard and other outdoor areas. These ideas will definitely help me keep the theme of my house, so I’ll look for any places that sell fireplaces and make sure to pick out the ones that use a material like limestone.

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