How To Keep Your Granite Worktops Glowing

Having chosen high-quality granite worktops for your home, you have probably fallen in love with them over time. Their classic style, durability, bacteria-free properties, easy maintenance, and natural look are all characteristics that make them truly stand out from other worktop materials. You have likely heard that with proper care and regular maintenance, granite worktops […]

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Hottest Garden Trends of 2017

Gardening can seem age proof, but garden trends do change. What was hot in the eighties, isn’t hot now. Likewise, what’s hot today isn’t likely to be hot in 20 years. We think 2017 makes a turning point for gardening trends, as they’re shifting from pristine lines to softer materials that are frankly way more […]

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Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern-day kitchens are perpetually evolving over time. Some has ultra-modern concepts while some has more traditional layout with contemporary appliances integrated into the design. It’s also where individual ‘living zones’ are being constantly redefined. These sensational luxury kitchen designs epitomizes this trend as they combine modern aesthetic with a bit of classic vibe and lots […]

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