Why Perch is the Best Way to Reduce Closing Costs?


If you have never used Perch services before, then you don’t have the chance to know anything about closing costs. These are the hidden costs in any real estate transaction that has to do with paying third parties for signing the contracts. It could be an insignificant amount of money when you are talking about British Columbia properties, but in Ontario, closing costs have kept going up during the past decade.

At this point, it would be better to know more about the closing costs and how Perch has managed to calculate them. They have been giving people the chance to estimate the exact cost of their home to buy and ensure they have the money to complete the transaction before entering the notary public office. Here are the hot topics everyone would like to know and give more importance to the closing costs that have to do with all the peripheral agencies you need to contact to complete your home buying soon.

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs have to do with the extra money you need to pay to the notary public to check the property titles and write a new contract. There is virtually no chance to buy a new home without checking the old contracts and signing some new ones with the older property owners. Also, closing costs have also to do with the other municipal and local authorities like the sewage and the water services, where you need to change the landlord’s name and pay some fees for the transaction. It may seem not that much, but in Ontario and especially Toronto, the closing costs are steadily rising.

How Perch Calculates Them?

Perch has managed to initiate an online calculator that has helped people to calculate the closing costs. Customers only need to pass their transaction details into the system. That means they have to estimate the current price of the house and the amount they have negotiated to buy it. Then they can seek information about the taxes owed at this time for the property they are about to buy. It’s the time when the closing costs are getting revealed on the screen. You can ask for an extra loan to cover for these costs and finally complete the real estate transaction.

Is A Perch Calculator Reliable in Real Life Conditions?

The perch calculator for the closing costs is always reliable in real-life conditions. That happens because more and more users come to the Perch site to seek guidance for their real estate transactions. That’s why the calculator takes more insights into the transactions and gives you the most accurate number you need to pay before you present yourself to the notary public. You can also adjust the various variables from the closing costs calculator and then see how the final sum changes. Under any circumstances, Perch will give you a really close approximation of what you will need to pay to complete the transaction.

Are Closing Costs Rising in Canada Now?

Closing costs have been rising in Canada for the past decade. That is not only seen in places like Vancouver, where the growth remains exponential, and the free land is scarce. Toronto and Ontario in general, have a lot of hidden rising costs that affect the real estate final price and the closing costs for all the adjacent contracts. We all expect to have a further rise in the closing costs this year since the energy turmoil spreads inflation to the real estate market, creating a new bubble that is ready to blow.

Why Closing Costs Affect the Price of Real Estate?

Closing costs can be as much as 5% of the original price you have negotiated to pay. That happens because the notary public’s remuneration is directly related to the amount you agree to pay for the property. On the other hand, the bigger the house you buy, the more are taxes and hidden costs you owe to the local and federal government. That way, you need to be ready to pay an extra 5% out of pocket when you want to become a real estate owner in Ontario. It will give you the chance to sell it in a few years and have some serious capital gains.

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