9 Pieces Every Bedroom Needs:

beedroom needs
beedroom needs

The bedroom is our sanctuary. Though some people view their bedrooms as just a place to sleep, it’s also the room where we spend most of our time. We might watch TV or surf the web as we lounge in bed. The right décor helps us create a peaceful space that makes it easier for us to fall asleep and sleep through the night. Whether we need help changing or designing our bedroom, check out the essential pieces we need.

1. Bed Frame

While we can get by without a lot of furniture, the one piece we must have is a bed frame. The nice thing about bed frames is that we can pick from so many different styles. Some are more traditional and can hold our boxes and spring and keep it from moving. Others use a platform design that does not require a box spring. We can also pick from wood or metal bed frames and those with built-in storage or a headboard.

2. Pillows

Pillows provide support for our heads and our back when we sit up in bed. While some shoppers love harder or firmer pillows, others prefer softer and lighter ones. Consumer Reports recommends firm pillows for side sleepers to keep their head and neck aligned. We will also want to find pillows that work with our mattress. If we plan to buy a new Beautyrest mattress for the bedroom, we would want pillows that match its firmness. A thin pillow is best for a soft mattress.

3. Comforter

The easiest way to feel comfortable in bed is with the right comforter. Comforters are essentially thick blankets that provide padding and warmth. Many people find it helpful to change their comforter each season. Some people might prefer a thick and plush comforter in the winter and a lighter one in the spring and summer. Not only does it add comfort to our beds, but it also adds some color to the whole room. A bed in a bag set is a good alternative if we want a complete bedding set that matches.

4. Sheets

Buying sheets often sounds easy until we see all of the available options. If you’re looking for bed sheets made out of materials like cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, etc. then you can buy them from Home City Inc. It’s been made known that cotton sheets are suitable for many people because they are affordable and breathable. Linen sheets are more expensive but also hypoallergenic. Polyester sheets are made from microfiber, which stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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5. Mattress

An essential item that every bedroom needs is a good mattress. Ever spent the night in a hotel or at a friend’s house and woken up in the morning with a sore back and neck? The wrong mattress can make us hate going to sleep and even make us think about going to bed on the floor. Mattress brands now make models that are just a few inches to more than 12 inches thick. We might pick one that ships to our home and come in a box like a Casper mattress or one that the company will deliver and set up for us.

6. Curtains

Unless we want the neighbors to see every little thing we do in our bedroom, invest in a good set of curtains. Blackout curtains are usually the best because they block out most or all of the light outside. These curtains come in different patterns and colors. While the side that faces the window is black, the design or color faces out and into the room. Blackout curtains regulate the temperature in the room because they block the weather outside. Some can even reduce the street noises we usually hear.

7. Good Lighting

The overhead light in our bedroom is perfect for those times when we want to read or do a little work. We may not like the light as much when we need to walk across the room just to turn it off. An easy way to avoid this problem is with a light that comes with a remote that will let us turn the lights on and off. Some of these lights even work as ceiling fans. Good lighting can include a lamp we keep next to our bed or a motion-activated nightlight that comes on when we get up in the middle of the night.

8. Charger

Bedroom must-haves differ from person to person and depend on what they do in the room. One item we might need that others do not is a charger. If we use the alarm clock on our phones and like reading on it before falling asleep, spend some money on a new charger. The charger ensures that our phones have the power that we need the next day. Charging systems allow us to plug in multiple devices and charge them as we sleep.

9. Side Table

Whether we fall asleep on a PranaSleep mattress or one from another brand, we may opt to pick up a side table or nightstand to sit next to it. Even if we think we don’t need a side table, the chances are we would benefit from one. The table gives us a room to store our phones, the books we read before bed, and our alarm clock and light. Some nightstands have drawers that give us even more storage. Others have open designs that make our room feel bigger and look less cluttered.

Get the Things the Bedroom Needs

The best things for our bedrooms include a few pieces of furniture such as a bed frame and a nightstand or side table. We’ll also want a good mattress that works with our pillows to help us sleep through the night and comfortable bedding with these nine pieces that every bedroom needs, we can build the sanctuary we want.

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