The 5 Best Places to Set Up Your Home Security Camera

Home security cameras are a fantastic way to keep an eye on your property when out or abroad, allowing users to monitor their homes from any location. Home security cameras are generally installed to prevent burglars, however recent years have also seen home owners also turn to security cameras for things like checking up on children when out running errands.

Different cameras have a variety of specifications, though the best have night vision and a notification alert for when something anything suspicious is happening at your home. Ample cloud storage for all of your recorded footage is essential and good audio to pick up any unusual noises is well worth having too.

Some of the more sophisticated systems have facial recognition and can determine if someone is a stranger or if there is an animal in the room.  Wireless cameras have the advantage of being able to be placed wherever you like and cameras are available for both inside and outdoors, with the outdoor models being durably made for the great British weather, wireless and fitted with long life batteries.

Investing in a good smart home security system is essential, but care must be taken with its installation – particularly the careful placement of cameras to ensure that your network offers full coverage of your property. Doing so will allow you peace of mind that any burglars will be accurately captured on camera, as well as the very placement of visible security cameras acting as a deterrent to many intruders. In fact, many home security setups even include dummy cameras for this very purpose.

Whether you choose to get a company to install the security cameras or are planning it as your next DIY project, here are the five key places to install cameras on your property to help prevent any intruders.

#1 Protect your front door

With 35% of all burglars gaining access through the front door, it is essential that you have this area monitored by smart home security cameras. It’s important that cameras are installed relatively high up to avoid tampering, with recommended minimum height being three metres. If you’re able to, fitting the camera at first floor level is also advisable. The best type of camera for your entrance is a WDR, with these having a wide dynamic range, therefore ensuring that they photograph images clearly.

#2 Cover your back too!

Back doors are popular access points for burglars as they are usually well out of the view of passing pedestrians and traffic. Latest police reports indicate that this is the chosen point of access for 20% of break-ins. Likewise, if you have a third entrance point like rench windows then these should ideally be protected by a camera too.

It is worth considering installing a combination of visible and hidden cameras in these locations as burglars will often try to avoid visible cameras without realising that there are others in operation. ‘outsmart’ the visible cameras and will not always realise there are others in operation.

#3 Rear windows are vulnerable

Rear windows that do not overlook the street are also a common choice for intruders as they are quiet and secluded, meaning they are less likely to be noticed if entering. For these types of areas it’s worth considering a fish eye camera that can take in a wider view, particularly if this can include your driveway too to monitor for any unknown cars entering the property.

#4 Side gates and the back garden

Side gates and the back garden are common access points for burglars as they tend to be well out of the view of neighbours and passing traffic, allowing them uninterrupted access. It is thought that 24% of burglaries in 2017 were made through rear window access. Because of this, it’s important that expensive garden equipment is never left outdoors, and equally if you have a shed filled with expensive equipment, then this should be securely locked and monitored by a home security camera.

#5 Don’t forget the basement and garage

Both of these locations are well worth covering with additional security cameras. The best place to install a camera to effectively monitor the basement is on the stairs leading up to the ground floor. Basements offer relatively straightforward access as their small windows can be easily – and quietly – broken and are often hidden well out of view.

Garages can also be a treasure trove for thieves if vehicles, expensive gardening/home equipment or sports items are stored there. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so ensure that your garage is protected with cameras at both entrances.

Home security cameras are a fantastic way of giving homeowners greater peace of mind over the safety of their property. Security cameras are a simple and effective way of monitoring your home, whether it be for intruders or simply to keep an eye on your house when expecting a visitor or delivery. They offer a multi-purpose solution and have proven to be a simple yet effective addition to any home security system.

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