The Best Five Plants That You Can Grow using Hydroponic Gardening

Lettuce in garden

Hydroponic gardening is gaining prominence in recent times! So, if you have already decided to opt-in for it, you need to ask yourself the most important question. And that is the crops that you can grow in that gardening system.

You might want a bountiful garden and want to treat your family with a fantastic vegetable and fruits treat! But for that, you need to decide the crops, fruits, and vegetables that you would want to plant and cultivate. The projects can have its complications as well. And sometimes you might go completely wrong. Hence, it is essential to read about this gardening form in details and then opt-in for it.

If you’re interested in growing plants using hydroponic gardening, there are a few sites that you can visit to purchase supplies. One such site is This site has a wide selection of hydroponic supplies. You can also find hydroponic gardening books and other resources at this site at an affordable price.

Also, if you are thinking about what to plant and grow in the hydroponic gardening systems, you can take reference from the choices discussed below.

  1. Herbs
  2. Lettuce
  3. Strawberries
  4. Spinach
  5. Bell peppers

Over the years several growers have found out that the plants mentioned above are suitable for hydroponic gardening. These plants grow fast, are durable and also don’t need a considerable amount of water to get started. Let us have a look at each one individually.


Today, you have access to a wide range of herbs that can work in a fantastic way when you plant them in a hydroponic system. Herbs grown in this garden structure tends to have better aroma and flavor as compared to the ones that are grown on soil. Some of the best herbs to grow include watercress, basil, thyme, chives, rosemary, dill, cilantro, oregano, parsley, mint and many more. You can test the way a hydroponic system is functioning through herb production. The growth time varies from one herb to the other.

One of the essential things to remember is to flush the growing medium once a week. It will help in getting rid of the excess nutrients that the plants didn’t absorb.


Lettuce is one of the most common leafy greens that you might want to grow using a hydroponic system. The lettuce plant is known for its shallow roots. And this is a complete match to the small above the ground height. It means you don’t need to get any guide for the plant and also tie any stakes. So, all you have to do is keep changing the nutrient solution daily. And gradually, it will appear food for consumption.

The overall grow time close to 30 days. Make sure that you stagger the plantings for a never-ending supply of lunchtime.  Also, some of the options to grow to include Bibb, Boston, Romaine, Iceberg, and Buttercrunch.



Strawberries are seasonal. Also, it is essential to this fruit locally, precisely at the moment when the crop is all set. When you make use of the hydroponic system, you can have access to a ready to eat crop. Also, you can grow strawberries all year around.

Furthermore, the process of harvesting too is easy. There’s no bending over as well. However, the gardening technique needs to be nutrient-rich and also watering needs to be very deep. The growing time is close to 60 days. It’s a smart call not to purchase the strawberry seeds that might not become berry-ready. In place of that, you might want to use the cold-stored runners. Some of the variants to grow to include Tioga, Chandler, Red Gauntlet and Brighton.



You need to make use of the Nutrient Film Technique to grow spinach! It helps in adding an adequate amount of oxygen to the nutrient solution. You will also make use of a reduced quantity of water as opposed to the ground system.

These plants have an easy growth week after week. However, the complete grow time is close to 40 days. Do you want your spinach to be sweet? If yes, you need to maintain a certain temperature. When the temperature is slow, it results in reduced grow time as well. Some of the variants to count on include Typee, Savoy, Catalina, Red Cardinal, Bloomsdale and many more.

Bell Peppers

You can call the Bell Peppers to be an advanced plant for hydroponic systems. It is essential not to allow them to grow in their entire height. Rather than that all you need to do is prune and pinch the plants to almost 8 inches to spur the pepper growth.

The growth time is close to 90 days. Also, it is important to offer as much as 18 hours of light to the plant daily. You might also want to increase your light for the plants to keep growing. You need to place the plants at a distance of 6 inches of the light. Some of the essential plant variants comprise of Yolo Wonder, Ace, Vidi and many more.

Several other plants and crops grow well on the hydroponic system. However, if you want you can start with these best five options and keep adding to your list.

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