Pool Fencing Ideas: How Does Fencing Make Your Pool Safe & Welcoming?

Pool Fencing Ideas

Are you working on the pool design project? In that case, most likely, you are searching for various pool fencing ideas on the internet. If you’re stuck with options and are unable to find the one that can really add value without compromising the aesthetics of your project.
Read this blog to see various pool fencing ideas that most homeowners love. 

Furthermore, we will also recommend the best option to make your pool appear to stand out and boost the value of your property. Before discussing the ideas, let’s highlight some benefits of using a fence around the swimming pool.

Some Benefits of Pool Fencing

  • Saves your kids or pets from slipping into the swimming pool
  • Secure area in a decorative and stylish way with versatile designs.
  • Official requirements in various states or regions.
  • Easy to use and confine a specific area for special swimming activity
  • Adds privacy and protection
  • A great investment that enhances the value of your property
  • Gives peace of mind

Now that you have become aware of the reasons why we use fences around the pool. Let’s see various ideas used to fence around swimming pools.

Pool Fencing Ideas That Every Homeowner Loves

Pool fencing is built with numerous material options like glass, wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl and mesh. Every material has its own pros and cons, so let’s briefly discuss each option so you can make your choice according to your preference. 

1. Glass Pool Fencing: The Clearest, Elegant, Durable and Favorite

Due to transparency and elegance, glass pool fencing is best for designing luxurious pools. It significantly enhances the value of your property. Being a strong moisture-resistant material, frameless glass pool fencing is clearly an expensive option but the cost will pay for itself. Unlike traditional pool fencing, glass pool fencing is easy to clean and maintain and never requires frequent expenses like paint and repair as required in metal or wood fencing. Frameless tempered glass pool fencing is highly durable & strong and provides safety with clarity of the beautiful pool view that every homeowner is dreaming of.

2. Vinyl Pool Fencing: Budget-friendly, Privacy, and Easy to install

Vinyl is the cheapest material and is used to secure pool areas from unexpected accidents. These fences are easy to clean and maintain. However, they block the pool view and are prone to damage or become yellowish over time with sun exposure. They are rarely used due to their less durability.

3. Metal Pool Fencing: Traditional, Strong and Budget-Friendly

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Metal is a cost-effective and traditional material to use as pool fencing. As metal can be shaped in various designs of amazing patterns, it has traditionally been used in classic railing systems. Metal fences can be painted in any color that makes your pool area look attractive. However, the hard thing about metal fences is that they require frequent cleaning and maintenance to avoid corrosion.  

4. Mesh Pool Fencing: The cheapest option

The Mesh pool fence is easily seen through but not as clear as glass. Mesh fence is made of wear-resistant mesh fabric along with aluminum tubes and stakes to keep it strong. However, the biggest drawback is that a mesh pool fence requires extreme cleaning and care to make it workable for a long time.  

5. Wooden Pool Fencing: Unique, Strong, and Safe

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Though rarely used to fence around the swimming pool, wooden fences are safe, strong, and durable material. They hardly get damaged through moisture or solar exposure. However, you may miss the clarity of view and will be unable to signify the beauty of the backyard blue oasis.

6. Aluminum Pool Fencing: Rust-free, inexpensive, and easy to clean

Aluminum is rust-free, less expensive, and easy-to-clean material. Hence, it is also being used as a pool fence for securing the area. However, similar to metal fencing, it doesn’t give a clear view of a beautiful pool from the outside. 

What Type of Pool Fence is Best?

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Nothing is best here in this world, where everybody has unique preferences and requirements. Some people prefer a budget-friendly option, while others prefer a luxury and functional one. Based on various pros and cons, toughened glass fencing is considered the best type of pool fencing because it clearly signifies the beauty that a homeowner desires. Also, the glass pool fence is never damaged by water or sunlight. It can stand the test of time and gives the value of money. Above all, you do not require frequent maintenance and cleaning. Only a single wipe of a damp piece of cloth can do the job once a week.

In the End Some Useful Tips! 

  • For framed glass or other types, use gray which looks more genuine.
  • The height of the pool fence should not be less than 45 inches and should have a gap of maximum of 2 inches between the bottom of the fence and the ground.
  • Use a standard width of 750mm – 850mm for the pool fence gate.
  • Use 8mm thick toughened glass having self-closing hinges for the glass pool gate.

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