Post-Covid Era and the Changes in Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

In this post-covid world, people have changed a lot in terms of the way they interact with others and how important a clean and healthy space is for them. New practices developed during the pandemic have now become the new normal commercial cleaning processes in this post-covid era. The same is being requested by both residential and office customers as they are now more aware of the cleaning practices and procedures.

commercial cleaning

Cleaning has now become a higher priority than before Covid. The cleaning companies that understand this fact are now in more demand than ever. The expectations the customers have on their cleaning services have increased tenfold and by using the expertise the cleaning services gained over the pandemic years, they meet these high expectations and provide the best of the best cleaning services.

Spread of Disease by Touching a Surface

Coronavirus and many other infectious diseases can easily spread from a surface when an infected person coughs or sneezes and the droplets from the infected person land on the surface. And when a healthy person touches the contaminated surface, they will also contract the virus and the virus spreads even further. There is no way you can see or feel the droplets on the surface to stay clear away from the surface of viruses. 

Thus cleaning the surface commercially and disinfecting it becomes the prime priority to stop the further spread of coronavirus or any other infectious diseases. A commercial cleaning service will ensure that people are safe from the virus by adopting proper cleaning and sanitising techniques.

Proper Sanitisation and Prevention of Diseases

Proper sanitisation along with cleaning will help to prevent any infectious disease. It is important to maintain a clean environment and commercial cleaning services ensure this by adopting several cleaning practices.

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning deep became a regular practice during the pandemic and remains popular today. Keeping your office and home clean prevents dirt and grime buildup gets rid of bodily fluids like sweat and droplets from coughs and sneezes and makes your employees feel more comfortable. Deep cleaning practices are effective against any kind of infectious disease and will keep everyone healthy. Deep cleaning offers more than standard cleaning and the place will be properly sanitised.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is very important. The office space gets dirty and unhealthy depending on the number of people visiting and also the ones working there. It is important to regularly clean the office to keep it clean and to ensure the reputation among customers and workers. A commercial cleaning service will do the cleaning and sanitising job thoroughly and help to maintain the health and well-being of the employees and clients alike.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning and sanitising are necessary to remove stains, dirt, allergies and infectious viruses from the carpet. This will also make the carpet look brand new and will elevate the appearance of the whole space. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered couches and sofas are constantly in use and thus the chance of them getting dirty and getting contaminated is also higher. That is where commercial upholstery cleaning will come to the rescue. They offer the best practices of cleaning and sanitising the upholstery in the perfect way possible.

Ways to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in and around your home is the best way to prevent the spread of any infectious diseases. Cleaning and sanitising should be a continuous practice to maintain the optimal health conditions of the people. For this, you can implement daily, weekly and monthly cleaning practices.

Daily Cleaning Practices

Daily cleaning practices include the simple yet most effective cleaning practices to keep dirt, dust and infections away. Disinfecting and cleaning all the floors, emptying and sanitising the trash cans, wiping all the counters, surfaces and other high-traffic areas with disinfectants, and daily washing and cleaning the bathrooms and toilets are a few of the daily practices you can implement.

Weekly Cleaning Practices

Weekly cleaning practices require more effort and time compared to daily cleaning practices. These include cleaning and sanitising all the appliances, sanitising doors and handles, cleaning the inside and outside of the windows etc.

Monthly Cleaning Practices

Monthly cleaning practice should include the deep and thorough cleaning of the home and office. Furniture, floors, corners and all the appliances should be cleaned and sanitised. This is the time to clean the air ducts, clean the kitchen hood and the water tank.

New Changes in Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning has changed a lot during the pandemic in a good way. This has helped to improve the health and cleanliness of people around the world. 

Retail Disinfection

Retail stores and warehouses are high-traffic areas where lots of people troop in and the health and safety of the people are the responsibility of the retail owners. A commercial cleaning service with experience in thorough cleaning a retail store or warehouse is the best option. They will clean the common areas and high-touch surface areas and protect the customers and employees.

Hospitality Services

People are now travelling more than ever in this post-covid era and they need a specific standard with the cleaning services offered. So, the hotels and other residential establishments had to up their cleaning and sanitising levels to satisfy the customers. For thorough cleaning and sanitising that will impress the travellers, they have to hire expert commercial cleaning services.

Sanitisation and Disinfection

Proper sanitisation and disinfection of any home or office are necessary to free the bacterias that can cause allergies, flu and other diseases. You can feel safe in a place which is properly sanitised and disinfected. In the case of an office, it will attract more clients. You can let a professional cleaner take up the job instead of pressuring your in-house cleaners with the task.

Specialised Floor Cleaning

Different floors require different methods of cleaning to ensure cleaning effectiveness. Marble floors require special attention to make them sparkle, certified floor care and cleaning is a new change in the commercial cleaning industry.

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