Prepare Your Home for Winter with These Five Steps

Winters are hard on homes and our budgets. Not only do you have to deal with freezing temperatures, nowadays it’s a tossup on whether it will be snowing, raining, hailing, sleeting, or anything in-between. These weather fluctuations are terrible for homes, especially if you have rain and then freezing temperatures in close proximity to each other.

Thankfully, preparation can help protect your home and your family. All you need is to prep your home for winter by following these five steps:

Have Your Heating System and Boiler Inspected and Maintained

First things first, you need to check in on your heating system, boiler, and fireplaces if you have them. If you have been unhappy with their performance in the past, however, then it is time to look for upgrades. An old boiler can only do so much, but with the latest, highly efficient boilers on your side, you can stay warm and comfortable throughout winter and beyond. Just remember to book a boiler installation soon, and take advantage of any financial deal that will allow you to spread out the cost of that new boiler to affordable instalments.

Check for Leaks in Your Home’s Exterior

Cracks along the windows or masonry, old windows, and more can cause air leaks in your home. These leaks will make it hard to heat your home effectively and should be dealt with before the colds properly start setting in.

 If the problem is with your insulation or windows, do a budget analysis to get PEX insulation upgrades done now. Insulation pipes reduce heat loss and can raise the water temperature to keep your home warm.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Remove all leaves and debris from your gutters and pipes, and generally clean up your yard of these items as well. You can put them in a home composter to use in the spring later on.

Bring Outdoor Items in from the Cold

Delicate items, hanging baskets, and certain plants should be brought inside for the duration of winter. For outdoor furniture, now is the time to cover them up, but do remember to brush off excess snow from time to time, especially on any glass surfaces as the weight can cause them to shatter.

Prepare Your Landscaping

For some, you won’t have to do anything for your garden. For others, it is in your best interest to wrap delicate foliage, cover flower beds, drain or cover any pond, pool, or other water feature that you may have. The efforts you put in to prepare your garden for winter and for spring will pay off massively, allowing your garden to wake up beautifully next year.

Winters can be hard on the home, and new problems tend to arise that we aren’t expecting. By preparing these basic components, however, you can be better prepared for what comes next. Have a rainy day fund in case there are serious issues, like floods, or a tree falls over, or your boiler needs replacing. This rainy day fund will be your final safety net and allow you to get through winter in comfort and security.

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