Problems That Power Washing Can Solve

Problems That Power Washing Can Solve

Power washing, as the name implies, is the quickest way to get rid of the toughest stains. You won’t need to get on your hands and knees and scrub to find the original colour of your drive, roof, or walls. Hire a power washer and watch the dirt splatter off in minutes.

There are lots of applications to the power washer, and a lot of services that are on offer to solve problems around the home. Take a look at the most common household problems that can be solved with hiring a power washer.

Rain-spattered home exteriors

Do you remember the white house you bought? No? What about that burnt orange tile roof you loved?

That’s probably because it’s now the colour of an overcast day by now. A rain-soaked home can look all its colour and vibrancy, and might have stains from moss, algae, mud, and any other causes of nature.

A good power wash can get rid of all of that. Your home will be brought back to its full vibrancy with a quick power wash. Plus, a power wash of the roof might uncover some issues that might need to be treated in the future.

When they’re done your house could be placed amongst the colourful homes of Balamory.

A dirty driveway

Have you ever pulled away from your driveway, only to see in the absence of a car the square of land that shows what once was? A clean slab of your driveway that is untouched by the elements.

All that does is put a direct comparison on your drive to the rest of your exteriors. Like your home, your drive will have turned murky grey with all the rainwater landing on it, mud tracking up it, and weeds growing through it.

A good power washing once in a while will keep your driveway looking like new, but don’t bother trying to do it yourself. Professional power washer services like are capable of reaching in between, expelling any weeds that might be sprouting through in the process. Once your power washing is done the serviceman will sweep sand in between the bricks to keep them in place.

An expensive toy needs a bath

If your pride and joy is your car, or if you’re known to take the dirt track home, or a combination of the two, you might want to consider getting your car power washed.

The traditional means of washing your car with the bucket and sponge – or the fan-favourite two bucket method – and the hose that trickles, barely making a difference in the mud marks on your once-shiny car, is fine. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time and energy. And it never looks brand new again, but it’ll do.

If you want more than “it’ll do” you should hire a power washer. A power washer has the power to unstick dirt and mud from all over your car, including the hard-to-reach places like the nooks in the alloys and grille.

With a layer of wax and a new air freshener, your car will soon look like something out of James Bond’s private collection, proudly sitting in a newly clean driveway.

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