Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets You Need to Know

professional carpet cleaning secrets

No matter how you try to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, it will eventually be a victim of accidental spills, stains from things under your shows and the soiling by your pets or toddlers.It’s not always that you have to come with water and detergent, or switch on your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the stains. There are easy fixes for such messes.

You hence need to be ready with handy fixes and tricks that you will use to work on the carpet when it gets stained, and that is how you will effortlessly maintain its cleanliness, attractiveness and quality without having to call for carpet cleaning services to fix the mess. Learn the following secrets today.

List of The Top 7 Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets You Need to Know

1. Using Club Soda

Some parties aren’t considered complete without some wine and beer, and in the process of your enjoyment some of the nice drinks may end up on your carpet. Not to worry, if you have club soda in your house, it will be the right solution you need to get rid of the mess.

Soak a clean sloth with the soda and blot the stained area. Do it gently and you will clear the unsightly look off your carpet. After the stain has cleared, rinse the area with some warm water on the cloth.

The next step is to return the strands of your carpet to their natural shape by brushing them with your fingers. The final step is to place a paper towel on the area and pressing it down with something heavy, leave it that way until it absorbs all the dampness.

2. Instead of Rubbing Stains, Blot Them

Rubbing a stain on your carpet will do it more bad than good. You will end up spreading the ugly look of the stain on a larger area of the carpet. You should instead dab it with a cleaning solution that you soak a clean cloth with.

A paper towel will also do and when you blot, you apply a bit of pressure on the affected area. The stain will be soaked up. Blotting should be done from the outer side of the stain going in to avoid spreading it.

3. Shaving Cream Is a Great Solution

The great cream that you love for the soothing effect that it gives you when shaving is a great solution to carpet stains too! Some will say that it’s the best cleaner for carpet stains because it removes almost every type of stain.

You simply apply it on the stain directly and allow it to set for half an hour. After that you can blot it with a clean dry cloth. Spray it afterwards with vinegar mixed with water, wiping away the solution afterwards.

4. Remove Grease with Dishwashing Detergent

You might end up with tough-to-clean grease on your carpet. You can conquer it with a few drops of dishwashing detergent that can clear grease – most of them do anyway. Mix the drops with some water in a cup. It will have the same effect that it does on your dishes that have grease. Blot it off afterwards for a few repeats until its completely clean, and leave it to dry.

5. Dried Gum by Freezing

You may have experienced a situation where you step on some gum on the street, and it ends up on your carpet unknowingly. To get the sticky mess off your carpet you need some ice cubes from the freezer.

Freeze that gum for about half an hour, and use a spoon to lift the glob up so that it can give you space to cut the strands. You should cut the strand as close to the gum as you can so that you don’t spoil the carpet. That way, the spot won’t be noticed easily.

6. Heating Spilt Wax

Wax from birthday or lighting candles may drip on your carpet by mistake. It will certainly dry up before you even react, and hence embed itself on the strands. You can react afterwards and get rid of the wax effortlessly. Simply use the iron box and a clean piece of white cloth, put the hot iron on the wax to warm it and scrap it off with a spoon.

Use a paper towel to iron the area further so that the remaining wax can be picked by the paper. A few extra applications will get rid of the wax completely. In the whole process take care not to burn the carpet. Place it in short dabs of less than 30 seconds.

7. Deep-clean Your Carpet Regularly

This is where you call for carpet cleaning services if you don’t have a steam cleaning machine. The process ensures a uniform result of a clean carpet where all types of dirt including debris that has settled in the strands are collected.

It gives your house a clean look, and everyone will be comfortable resting on the clean carpet. For a standard family of four, the deep-cleaning should be done after every six months.

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