Professional Tree & Stump Removal Services in Australia

Why it is that tree and stump removal is not a DIY job and is best left to trained arborists and professional tree care services? The simple answer is that removing a tree that weighs several tons is not the work of an amateur because there will be a danger to life and property if something goes wrong.

Arborists usually resort to the safest method of removing a tree which is to take it down limb by limb. Here too, weight distribution is very critical. A professional only will know which limbs should be removed first so that the tree falls in the desired direction. Ropes are also used to make sure that there is no danger to built-up areas below. It is not expected that an ordinary person or the homeowner wanting to remove trees will know which techniques to employ in a given situation.

tree removal service

Reasons for tree removal

There are many reasons for removing trees ranging from landscape management to risk management. Here are a few of them.

Landscape Management –

Selective removal of trees is an integral part of landscape management. Trees that have once been planted too close together grow into full-blown structures and cut off sunlight and air circulation from the ground. Without adequate sunlight, other plants, hedges and bushes below cannot grow to their full potential. Removing a few trees clears up space and also beautifies the surroundings. The vacant space can then be used for planting colourful plants or flowerbeds. However, if trained arborists are called in, they can even transplant and replant the tree in another place provided soil and other conditions in the area are suitable for healthy growth.

Developmental Activities –

Large-scale developmental activities are common in Australia especially in the suburbs of Melbourne. Extensive tracts of wooded lands are required to be vacated for new construction of buildings or industrial sheds and warehouses. This necessitates removing trees and clearing the area on a massive scale. Professional tree removal agencies have the trained workforce and heavy equipment to carry out the task quickly and effectively.

Removing Diseased Trees –

A pleasing landscape should necessarily have strong and healthy trees that are free from decay and fungi. Professionals at a tree care agency have the expertise to correctly identify trees that are old, weak, diseased or dead and chalk out remedial measures. In extreme cases the affected trees are removed, in other instances, the infected branches and limbs are trimmed. It requires an expert eye to evaluate the situation correctly.

Risk Management –

Apart from decay and disease, external factors are often the cause of tree weakness and structural decline. Trees struck by lightning or significantly damaged in severe storms are some of them. Experts in these cases usually carry out a proactive risk assessment to identify trees that have become potential hazards to life and property. At times, trees are saved by strengthening them with cables and bracing but this is always not the case and the damaged trees may need to be removed.

Stump removal

Tree and stump removal should go hand in hand but stumps are often left behind when a tree has been removed especially by a DIY enthusiast. Many problems arise from a stump not removed after a tree has been cut and taken away. First, these stumps decay over time and become a breeding ground for pests and termites. Next, these stumps take up space that can be better used for planting young trees, flowerbeds or simply extending the lawn over it. Most importantly it sticks out as an eyesore and mars the beauty of the landscape.

Stump removal

These are some of the reasons why professional agencies will never leave a stump behind after removing a tree. For instance, take a tree removed by Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, leading tree care specialists in Melbourne. The stump will be simultaneously removed. The agency has powerful machines which can grind a stump to mulch in no time, regardless of the size of the stump or the extent of roots running deep.

Tree and stump removal is just one of the many services offered by professional providers of tree care in Australia. Others in this niche include tree pruning and trimming, transplanting and replanting, hazardous tree assessment and preparation of arborists reports on a range of tree care issues.

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