What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows?

Do you clean your own windows?

Maybe you have a local window cleaner that washes your windows?

Either way, what is the best way to clean windows?

The traditional method of cleaning windows with an applicator, squeegee and bucket of soapy water, a window cleaning kit, has been the only way to clean glass windows for many years. But as new technology develops in the cleaning industry, new innovative ways to clean windows safely have been developed.

Just type into Google search “window cleaner near me” and you will find many local window cleaning companies that use the WFP (Water Fed Pole) system. The method of cleaning windows has become the preferred way to clean windows. But what is the water fed pole system? and why you should expect your window cleaner to be using this system.

Put simply, the water fed pole system is a telescopic pole that has a thin hose attached to transfer water from the water supply to the glass and window. There are different equipment available form a van mounted system to a portable system with a small pump inside to push the water up through the hose. There are many reasons why the water fed pole system has become so popular.

Here are a few reasons. 

  1. The safer way to clean at height level window cleaning.
  2. It provides a deeper and longer-lasting clean.  
  3. Efficient and quicker, providing savings for the customer.

Working from a height is dangerous. Work at height refers to any situation in which, if safety measures are not taken, a person may fall a significant distance and sustain a personal injury. That is the most common cause of death or injury at work.

As a result, the professional window cleaning company like Nordjouren has been exploring new and innovative ways to clean windows at a high level, even exploring the idea of window cleaning drones. But before we get there. The Water fed pole system has revolutionised the window cleaning trade.

How it works: Using pure water, 100% H2O with no impurity, minerals and chemicals. H2O wants to attach itself to another element, therefore any dirt that is on the frame and glass is pulled off with pure water and agitated by the water fed pole brush. Once the dirt has been removed by the brush head, pure water continues to be sprayed on the glass. As a result, leaving a pure, spotless finish.

There are several highly rated and professional window cleaning companies out there that use this method of cleaning. Just by typing window cleaners in Surrey UK, you will find Jarvis Window Cleaners who have been cleaning in Surrey for over 12 years and started their business with the traditional method of window cleaning and then transferred to the water fed pole system. You might be wondering, how do window cleaners get pure water?

How do window cleaners purify their water?

There are two main ways to purify water:

Osmosis (reverse osmosis) is a process in which (RO). Pre-filters are commonly used in RO systems (sediment, Carbon block and granulated Carbon filters to improve the quality of the water and remove Chlorine). After that, a RO membrane contains near-pure water. The near-pure water is then purified using an ion exchange resin in a DI vessel.

The second approach is to use a DI vessel containing an ion exchange resin. This option is often used in soft water areas. Soft water is easier to purify as it has fewer particles that need to be filtered. This makes it more affordable to purify tap water from the mains supply. 

Some window cleaning companies collect rainwater and filter the rainwater with resin only. This is a very eco-friendly way to make pure water. Check what method your window cleaning company uses to make their pure water. They will be more than happy to tell you.

Water fed pole is efficient and quicker, as a result, the glass and frames remain cleaner for longer. As most window cleaners will know that rainwater is mainly pure water. The reason people think “rain makes the windows dirty” is because the rain picks up dirt from the frames and spreads it across the glass. 

Any good professional window cleaner will also be skilled in the traditional method of cleaning windows with a squeegee and applicator. For some cleaning jobs, this might be the only way to clean the glass. Window cleaning in Inverness, Scotland for over well over a decade is Simpsons Cleaning Solutions. Along with other cleaning services they provide gutter cleaning and carpet cleaning. They are skilled with the traditional method with a window cleaning kit and with the water fed pole system.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about what professional window cleaning companies use to clean windows. Now you should have a bit more knowledge and be able to choose the best company to help keep your home looking its best with spotless clean windows.

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